HP Spectre i7 laptop 13-vTTU: Specifications, features and price in India

HP Spectre i7 laptop

HP Spectre i7 laptop 13-vTTU with 8GB RAM Introduced as the world’s thinnest laptop, the  HP Spectre i7 laptop 13-vTTU made a lot of news and has been quite popular since its launch. Made with a lot of skill and great craftsmanship, the HP Spectre i7 laptop 13-vTTU that is said to be the thinnest laptop ever to be present, it has taken the design and the technology to a completely new level. With a composition of 10.4 mm thin and Intel Core i5 CPU, this new luxurious launched HP Spectre…

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Apple iPhone 7 Full specifications iOS10 features & price in India 2017

Apple iPhone 7 Full specifications

Apple iPhone 7 Full specifications iOS10: Detailed iPhones are a brand if we talk about the smartphones. So today in this post, we will talk about Apple iPhone 7 Full Specifications iOS 10 features & price in India for 2017. When the iPhone was launched in the market some years before, it had completely changed the game. It has since then indefinitely topped the priority list of every man when it comes to buy a phone. However not every class of the society could afford it,  still it never got off…

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Nintendo Switch video game console Full specifications 2017

Nintendo Switch

NintendoSwitch video game console The Sparkling Nintendo Switch:  The Nintendo Switch is an upcoming amazing video game console which is developed by Nintendo along with the company’s seventh major home console. It was originally known in development as the NX and also was officially unveiled in October 2016. Nintendo Switch is scheduled for release worldwide on March 3, 2017 i.e. this year. The Nintendo Switch let users use various playing modes. The shape of Nintendo Switch very well resembles a tablet but it can easily be attached with the TV display…

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How to update Snapchat app on android & iOS mobiles 2017

How to update Snapchat app

How to update Snapchat:  the Numerous ways Today we will tell you How to update Snapchat app on android & iOS mobiles. But before that let’s have a brief intro to the popular chatting app Snapchat. Snapchat in the current times is one of the most liked apps across the globe. Snapchat helps you to take photos or click videos that exist for a short period of time on the app and get exhausted itself after a short period of time. Snapchat especially has become really popular app among the…

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Google Pixel mobile: Full specifications,Features & Price in India

Google Pixel mobile

  Google Pixel mobile: Full specifications, features & price in India Google Pixel mobile Release: Google is supposedly one of the most common names that one hears every day and call out for help any day. Help with homework, Google saves you. Need to learn to cook a dish,  Google helps you. Want some ideas on what to gift someone, yes Google. But what about the time when google itself launches in the game of smartphones and gives you a phone with the best self-features.In this post, we will focus on Google…

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BHIM APP Download for iPhone(iOS) & android 2017: Best UPI Apk

BHIM APP Download

BHIM APP Download- The First New Online Transaction App   All about BHIM APP Download : On December 30, after the demonetization issue running in the country for 50 days,  our Prime minister Mr. Narender Modi addressed the nation and with it, launched the latest online app- the BHIM APP.  BHIM Apk is basically a UPI app. BHIM stands for Bharat Interface Money, the app that helps to transfer or send without going to banks or swiping cards in the ATM machines.In this post, we will talk about money transaction app…

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Nokia android smartphone to be launched in 2017

Nokia android smartphone coming in 2017 Nokia android smartphone: Reasons to be back –  For India, Nokia still seems like an old similar homely name. It comes with trust,  progress,  dependence and familiarity.  Hardly anyone would deny that in most of the homes in India,  the first ever phones to be used were mostly of Nokia brand company. Nokia was famous for its durability. Love Nokia 3310? Buy it here However,  with the advancing technology and the new introductions of android phones and the iOS, Nokia somewhere failed to keep up with…

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Top 5 tech gadgets to buy this Christmas season

Top 5 tech gadgets to gift this Christmas season For the Christmas is around the corner, almost 2-3 days left to celebrate the occasion, its the same time of the year for reunions, celebrations and yes, gifts. And for this year has been full of new tech gadgets, what would be better than gifting some of the best tech gadgets to our friends and family. Technology with happiness isn’t it the best combination for the season. To let you get acknowledged to the best inspirational and fun involving technology,  here…

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Top 5 gadgets to buy for your loving pets

Top 5 gadgets for your pets Who doesn’t love pets!  Most of us are having pets or are looking for one. Having one is a blessing that keeps spreading joy and happiness in our lives. Nobody will deny the fact that they are adorable. But the question is are we getting enough time to care for our lovely pets.  Here we will tell you about top 5 gadgets for pets you should buy. A pet is a source of unconditional joy and love. It is a constant company that shall hear…

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Reliance Jio 4G offer extended till March 2017

Reliance Jio 4G free data till March 2017

Reliance Jio 4G offer extended : Detailed information With the launch of the free Jio services provided by the ‘Reliance Jio’, we have been offered all of its services for free as part of its welcome offer before the start of its commercial operation. The free services being provided however were supposed to end on end of December,2016. But, now Reliance Jio 4G offer extended for three months more that is till March’17. It has been reported by the business paper Mint that the management shall charge its customers fairly…

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