Top 5 programming language you can learn in 2017

Programming language

Top 5 programming language:   New year is on its way. Just 5-6 days are left. We all take some resolutions on the New year’s eve. New year is the best time to start something new or learn new things in life. So here we bring you the top 5 programming language worth learning in the year 2017. Programming is a fun. Many of us feel that programming language is very difficult to learn. But if done with concentration and dedication, it’s not that hard to learn programming language. Learning programming language is fun instead.

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Top 5 programming language

Java programming language

p\programming language

Java is the best programming language worth learning in the year 2017. The tagline for the Java programming language is,’write anywhere and run anywhere’. It is the paradigm of Java language. Java is a very useful language if you want to develop applications or want to database scientist. You need to learn programming in the Java language first. After learning the programming language you can develop applications in a complete manner. Android is very popular in mobile technologies and let me tell you, a bigger part of Android runs on Java only. So, just imagine how beneficial it would be for you to learn Java programming language. You can turn into a professional mobile apps developer and earn very good. Java programming language helps in the development of websites and their basic structures.

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Python programming language

programming language

Another programming language worth learning in 2017 is Python. Python is the best language if you want to become a data scientist. It very easy to Python. Python is more of a practical based programming language. It used the object-oriented features and concepts like some other languages. If you want to enter the field of data analytics, this programming language is definitely for you. Python mainly focuses on readability so you can easily understand the codes written by other programmers. Python programming language has all the learning knowledge and tools required to become a data scientist.  C++ C++ is another very useful programming language you need to learn in 2017. The importance and usage of this language

C++ programming language

programming language

C++ is another very useful programming language you need to learn in 2017. The importance and usage of this language are vast. C++ is an object-oriented language. It is a developed form of C programming language. C is closer to the machines and in comparison, C++ is a higher level language. C++ is C with classes( ++ is for classes). It is very easy to learn programming in C++. You need a TCC editor software. Just install Turbo C++ in your and start exploring the fun of C++ programming. You need to learn C++ because web browsers, graphics driver and other algorithms require C++. The code of popular game Halo is designed with C++ codes.

Ruby on Rails programming language

top 5 programming langauge


Ruby on Rails was initially released on 18 Dec, 2011. It is a server-side application of web. It uses the MIT License. It enables us to use XML, CSS, HTML etc. It uses the Cross-platform operating system.

PHP programming language

 programming language

PHP is server sided language and it helps in the web development. it is an amazing server side language that you can start learning this new year. You can design your own dynamic websites if you know programming in PHP. Isn’t that cool?

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So this was all about the programming language. A programming language will definitely help you in your future. A programming language is the base of all the apps and website structures you see. That’s why we discussed top 5 programming language here. Hope you like the post ! if you have anything to share on any other programming language, be free to do so.



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