Microsoft Envisions the Future of Gaming with Xbox 2

Microsoft Xbox 2 release date, Wiki, and News

Microsoft Xbox 2:  Microsoft has always graced their panels at E3 with some of the biggest announcements in gaming. Be it declaring what games they have been working on, or advancements in technology, the tech company with a giant presence in gaming has never failed to surprise during each year’s meet. But nothing beats the announcements that they had in store during E3 2016. In this post, we will talk about the Microsoft Xbox 2 Gaming Console, Microsoft Xbox 2 release date and Microsoft Xbox 2 price in India. You can also check out the  Microsoft Xbox features. You must also be eager to know Xbox price ?? We will update you with all the details about this new Xbox 2017, the Microsoft Xbox 2 Gaming Console.


The creators of one of the world’s highest selling gaming consoles declared that they were preparing to go over to the next generation. They did all this with one simple announcement pertaining to the successor of the Xbox One. In this post, we will talk about the Microsoft Xbox 2 release date, Xbox 2 Wiki and Xbox 2 in news.

While the creators have not yet announced what kind of name they are planning to give to their new console, it is widely rumored that this upcoming wonder in the field of gaming is none other than the Xbox 2. And it has certainly been long awaited. Microsoft introduced the first gen console, simply named the Xbox, way back in 2001. And it has since been followed up a couple of times; first with the Xbox 360 in 2005, and then with the current gen Xbox One fairly recently in 2013. The Xbox One has seen its share of updated versions too, but nothing that would make them really stand out from the technology used in Microsoft’s eighth-generation gaming console. So we would say that gamers were long overdue for a new console from the gaming gurus.  Microsoft Xbox 2 Gaming Console may prove to be the best Gaming Console

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Microsoft Xbox 2 release date

Microsoft Xbox 2
Microsoft Xbox 2 Release Date, Price and Features

But with the announcement of the Xbox 2, all the hankering for a brand new Xbox that truly utilizes the latest in technology to keep up with the fast-evolving world of gaming is about to come to an end. Or so fans who have been waiting with bated breath for a fresh addition hope. It is important to note here that Microsoft has not announced the Xbox 2 Release Date, but merely mentioned a window. And considering the month of November is when the creators have said they wish to push out the Xbox 2, we can only freely admire the codename they have adopted for the upcoming console, seeing as we do not really have much else to go by.
However, it would not be right to say that Microsoft has not given fans any clue about what to expect. We already know that the company is marketing the Xbox 2 as the first gaming console in the world to be capable of true 4K rendering, which means that the new device will be able to run games in native 4K. For this purpose, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has stated that the Xbox 2 will have a staggering six teraflops of power along with a very powerful RAM. But this comment on a particular specification of the upcoming device has been met with a fair amount of flak, especially from the folks over at Sony.

Microsoft Xbox 2
Microsoft Xbox 2 Release Date, Price and Features

But it is important to note that the Xbox two is being built by Microsoft as something much bigger than just a console that supports native 4K. Spencer has commented in several interviews that the kind of future that he envisions with the Xbox 2 (Xbox two) goes beyond all the boundaries that technology is trying to overcome by the day. So much like the Xbox One, its successor is also focussed on making gaming a much more shared experience, something that brings people together.

Another thing to note here is that while the Xbox 2 aims to give way to a much more fluid world of gaming, it will not focus on exclusivity, but on compatibility. So the new console will not have a lot of exclusive titles per se. And for those who are worried about whether this November would be the last they will see a truly new Xbox coming to life, they have nothing to fear. Spencer has made it clear that they will keep on innovating.

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For now, however, we are really excited to behold what the tech giants have in store for gamers when the Xbox two finally hits shelves. All we hope for is that the currently slated Xbox 2 release date does not end up being delayed, for Microsoft certainly has a lot to live up to.

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