BattleShip Game Review: GamePlay and Features [ Check Coupons ]

Battleship Game Review

Battleship Review Battleship is a video game that is basically based on a movie. Its initial inspiration was taken from a board game. It is developed by the studio – Double Helix Games, who are renowned for designing games like Silent Hill- Homecoming. Battleship isn’t a very good first person shooter game but it has some surprises for the players in store. Let’s take a good look at the features and the flaws of this game.     BattleShip: Gameplay  As the game begins, you will have the task to…

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Play Your Heart Out Without Ever Spending a Dime with the Ultimate Roulette Games

top 10 roulette games

I’ve always enjoyed casino games but roulette is by far my favorite. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed the person next to be on the subway playing a game of online roulette on his phone that it occurred to me that roulette apps exist. As soon as I got home, I immediately began searching the internet to see if I could find the best ones, and I found a list of the best roulette games (linked in the conclusion if you’re interested). So, of course, I had to check…

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The Future of Gaming World Looks Relentlessly Unbelievable

The transparent game design was a milestone. Since then there have been recurrent advances in technology. Ever wonder about what future holds for us in the gaming world? Every gaming enthusiast does. Gamers of today hail from all generational groupings. Parents and children love gaming together. That makes gaming a powerful and all-inclusive hobby. Hobbyists and professionals both are interested in exploring the future of gaming. Moreover, game developers, analysts, and publishers have great predictions to make. These revolve around what the gaming industry will look like as a whole in years…

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Runescape Game: Best Fantasy MMORPG Game for Game Lovers

runescape MMORPG

Despite being in the market for over more than 15 years now, ‘RUNESCAPE’ is still a popular game among various platforms. It is a classic fantasy game that millions of people have fallen in love with for the nostalgia that it brings with itself and the new multiple mechanics that the new game has implemented. It was developed and published by Jagex and was released in January, 2001. It was a browser game but was replaced by C++-coded client in the year 2016. The only that had been in its…

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Motorola wants to make your phone into a Gaming Console

Motorola Gaming Console

In this article, we are talking about Motorola wants to convert your smartphone into a Gaming Console. It means that Motorola developed the technology by which we can use any Smartphone in place of Gaming Console. Motorola is an American company which was founded on September 25, 1928. Motorola is the best ever mobile company in the market. There are many mobiles available in the markets which are too good for look and configuration also.   To play games on Smartphones, we require some configuration like RAM Storage, Processor and…

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5 Best Game Hacking Apps for Android Mobiles 2017

Best Game Hacking Apps

Best Game Hacking Apps 2017 Best Game Hacking Apps:   Are you a game lover or game addict. If so, you are the right place. Hardly there will be anyone who doesn’t like playing games. With the help of Android phones, you can enjoy all your favorite games on your smartphones. Playing games on smartphones is a fun! I also love playing games. Though I am not such a big game addict yeah I love to play games when I get time from my teaching and Blogging. Google PlayStore is…

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PS5 Release Dates, Expected Features and Price

PS5 Release Dates

All About the PS5 Release Dates Know the most awaited PS5 Release Dates PS5 Release Dates:   With the development of streaming solutions like PlayStation Now, many have believed that physical consoles are a subject put to rest. PlayStation Now is a cloud-based gaming service that allows you to play PS3 (and soon PS4) games on the PS4 and PC, with all of the particular handling done on Sony’s servers – only the design and customer feedback are sent back-and-forth. Yet we still think there will be a PS5. Not…

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How To Play Game Efficiently|Tips & Tricks, Strategies

How To Play Game How To Play : Nowadays we all spending our leisure time by playing games, which will not be getting bored. snake game is the most exciting and classic games which we have been playing from our childhood days. Now our model of gaming has been revolutionized due to the invention of smart phones. Today, our post will revolve around, How To Play Game and the Game Tips, Tricks. We will also tell you the Strategies. If you wish to play such a…

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Complete Guide on How to Play The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt:   The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is the final installment of the Witcher Game series. Released in May 2015, it is an action role-playing video game developed by CD Projekt RED and published by CD Projekt. Since its inception, the game has gained immense popularity. Given the feature of a fantasy open world, it lets the players have over 100 hours to enjoy the game. In this post, we will talk about Witcher 3 console commands and how to…

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5 Top games for mobiles 2017, Download the Best games

5 Top games for mobiles Like Clash Royale 5 Top games for mobiles 2017 :  Clash Royale World’s the most popular real-time game that has proved to be the best of its ages. A strategic game with lots of cards, chests, legendary cards, battles, tournaments it spices up its play with regular updates on new cards, battles. The Arena is where the ferocious battle is raging your Clash troops and your opponent’s troop. The Arena battle wants you to destroy the King tower of your opponent, make wise choices on spending…

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