The Future of Gaming World Looks Relentlessly Unbelievable

The transparent game design was a milestone. Since then there have been recurrent advances in technology. Ever wonder about what future holds for us in the gaming world? Every gaming enthusiast does. Gamers of today hail from all generational groupings. Parents and children love gaming together. That makes gaming a powerful and all-inclusive hobby. Hobbyists and professionals both are interested in exploring the future of gaming. Moreover, game developers, analysts, and publishers have great predictions to make. These revolve around what the gaming industry will look like as a whole in years to come. The designs, the dynamics, the technologies, even the ISPs that support gaming the best. I recently read a comparison of CenturyLink vs Cox. It was about which ISP performed better in giving a quality gaming experience. There is so much happening! 

In this blog post, I’m going to discuss some intriguing predictions in the gaming industry. I’ll also talk about some upcoming trends. They will revolutionize the ways games are made as well as played. Read on to know the future of gaming!


Parents- The Gaming Advocates

We are going to witness the first-ever generation of parents who grew up gaming. Interesting! They are likely to transfer all their knowledge and passion of gaming to their children. According to a recent survey, around 75% of the parents play video games with their kids. They are ten years old or below and they look up to their parents for gaming recommendations.

Families spending more time in gaming than watching TV is expected. This definitely means involving different gadgets. But they do get to spend some quality time together and share a common interest.  


360 Degrees Freedom

We all know the seamless navigation that the young generation Z does between the real and the digital world. Around 34% of the youngsters and children own a tablet. They switch to a smartphone as soon as they enter a secondary school. But, the new expectation is to have an experience called 360 play. 360 play involve different platforms to offer a different experience. We are expecting more franchises, which offer a 360-degree experience. Names like Moshi Monsters, Angry Birds, Nintendo, Disney Affinity, and Skylanders should and are expected to venture into providing the 360° experience. They have already made a mark in creating toys, merchandise, and games. the Angry Birds activity parks give an insight into how will evolve the experiences.


Lines Blur between Social Media and Games

Haven’t we already seen a good number of virtual worlds? For instance, Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters both operate social spaces and games. However, the prediction is about a new generation of gaming. It will be able to exploit improvements in networking features and broadband connectivity. This will make the social experiences more dynamic. Minecraft is becoming a popular venue for friends to talk and meet in collaboration. This will also emphasize the sense of sharing, socializing, and connectivity. The idea of multi-playing titles as social instead of just the gaming experiences is worth a shot.

Moreover, contemporary gaming consoles have a built-in social sharing system. This means that gamers can easily take screenshots. And they can make videos to distribute on social networking sites. And they don’t even have to leave their game in the middle. This merging is going to be more refined. Game designs will essentially include the sharing of designs.


The Spectator’s Experience

We live in the era of YouTube and Twitch. Both these platforms have millions of views every hour of every day. It would be foolish to ignore the video/viewing part of the games. This popularity of video platforms will inspire game developers to do so. If you split the hours, the stats of people playing and watching games will make things clear. Many are only interested in the watching experience. In fact, the percentage of people watching it is actually more than the people playing it. This is the opinion of many industry veterans too. You are going to witness more and more developers attempting to exploit this factor. They will particularly be aiming the watching experience at YouTube. Quirky visuals have a lot of potentials for enhancing the visual experience.


The Transparent Game Design

The crowd-funding sites have made developers capable of initiating new projects. And this happened in the last few years. They are all set to try new things and get a dedicated community. The preview options for gamers are going to get better. This will allow the players to buy the games they love before they finish. This would be a great initiative for gamers. Because it’s a huge disappointment for gamers to miss an amazing game. It would be as convenient as finding the answers to the online queries regarding ‘Cox near me’. You get a nice preview of all your options and you get to choose what you want.

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