Your next-gen ICO marketing: Things To Consider for Crowdfunding

Crowd Funding

The rat race for the next level in promotion is on. Some benefit from it handsomely and some are not so profitably rewarded.

What you need is an eye opener and a push in the right direction to avail the latest trend in initial coin offering (ICO) services. You have considered this advanced option to fund your intelligent idea and want to scale it.

Here we present to you mature and guided approach to effective ICO marketing. With such great techniques, you are bound to be well aware and self-confident towards your efforts.


What you need to look out for with your marketing when you consider crowdfunding:


1.Consider SEO and guest blogging

Search engine optimization plays a key role when users search specifically for your ICO offering or a general search. Look for best practises in SEO and stay one step ahead to keep your posting relevant.

Guest blogging often goes a long way in promoting an ICO. If you encourage well recognized authors, bloggers and even celebrities to write about potential benefits of your ICO, you are already close to success.

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2. Airdrop campaigns are often helpful

Airdrop campaigns are benefits to particular registered members of a blockchain. Such endeavours are often successful in attracting loyal followers and potential customers.

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3. Leverage the best of social media

  • Often, reaching out to people is the best approach to promote a great idea. You can consider the below snippets in your approach towards effective social media marketing:
  • Set up forums and communities in social media where people can engage in active conversation. Regularly post updates and chat with people for improvements.
  • Make room for varied forms of social media. There are several social media offerings other than the conventional like Telegram that aids promotion.
  • Do not share closely guarded information on social media. This would harm the image and promote copyright issues.
  • Share media like clips, banners, infographics and videos that make your ICO offering stand out. The end goal of your endeavour is to attract and retain loyal customers.
  • If possible, get widely recognized celebrities to recommend you. A small ad or a clip which such popular people would recommend carries weight


4. Promote with a bounty campaign

A bounty campaign is an offering if potential customers report a bug or promote your ICO on social media. The reward can be few crypto coins or tokens.

Such ventures have often been successful to build a wide coverage of people. News spreads and more number of people become aware of such bounties.

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5.Top reasons why ICO marketing sometimes fails

If you don’t meet expectations and fail to reach your target, your ICO marketing strategy has failed. Below are some common reasons why this occur:

Lack of clarity with documents like whitepaper. Often, a well documented paper which is well circulated is enough to capture attention. As a primary stakeholder, shake off all hesitations and pen down your understanding of your ICO offering.
Lack of effort in ICO marketing that renders a community unaware of your offerings. Please remember, ICO marketing takes effort and you have to work towards it. Brainstorm a session with leaders in the field and work out a strategy.
Often you have to convince the community that your ICO offering will later materialize into useful products or services. Such lack of belief would definitely trigger a fall in sales and a proper visualization has to be first worked out.
Make sure the token you are promoting holds potential growth and value. If the digital coin or token you propose fails to appreciate, potential customers shy away from the proposition to find your offer attractive.
Provide more services and don’t always be on the lookout for gain. Have a trade off between profit making and quality services.

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Hoping you benefit from this handy guide that you can leverage for your next ICO marketing strategy. What we can offer as advice is read widely and update yourself with latest happenings. With such measures you will not lose out on the competition.

We would love to hear from you! Consider writing back with thought-provoking feedback. We will address the most practical suggestions and implement them at the earliest.

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