K188 : World’s First Fidget Spinner Mobile with Bluetooth launched in India

World's First Fidget Spinner Mobile

World’s First Fidget Spinner Mobile World’s First Fidget Spinner Mobile:  Fidget Spinners are very popular nowadays in India. Children can be seen playing with fidget spinners and enjoying it. You can easily notice fidget spinner sellers on traffic signals on the road. What is a mobile can spin like a fidget spinner? Yes, the World’s First Fidget Spinner Mobile has been launched in India. A Hong Kong-based mobile company Chilli International Holding (HK) Ltd. has already launched a fidget spinner smartphone which has been named as K188. Also Checkout: Water Proof Mobile Kyocera  …

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Google’s 19th Birthday: Celebrates with Doodle Games

Google's 19th Birthday

Google’s 19th Birthday Today Google’s 19th Birthday:   Hurrah !! It’s Google’s 19th Birthday. And Google is celebrating with 19 Doodle Games. Yes, Google Search Engine has turned 19 today. When you open Google Chrome browser you will notice the Suprise Spinner for fun in the Google Search box. Everyone is happy and wishing Google Happy Birthday on their Facebook walls. Well don’t know about others but yes we Bloggers are happy for Google’s 19th Birthday 🙂 🙂 And we need to be because Google pays us haha. On Google’s 19th Birthday…

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5 Best Tips for Blogging You Must Follow 2017

Best Tips for Blogging

Best Tips for Blogging for Newbie Bloggers Best Tips for Blogging: Blogging has become very popular nowadays. After Digital India Campaign it is growing at a much faster pace. Every other person wants to own a blog but they forget that just owning a blog is not enough, you need to have the proper knowledge and the Blogging Strategies if you really wanna compete in blogging. Earlier there were very few bogs so it was not much difficult to get a very large audience to your blog. But now the…

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5 Best Game Hacking Apps for Android Mobiles 2017

Best Game Hacking Apps

Best Game Hacking Apps 2017 Best Game Hacking Apps:   Are you a game lover or game addict. If so, you are the right place. Hardly there will be anyone who doesn’t like playing games. With the help of Android phones, you can enjoy all your favorite games on your smartphones. Playing games on smartphones is a fun! I also love playing games. Though I am not such a big game addict yeah I love to play games when I get time from my teaching and Blogging. Google PlayStore is…

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How to Create, Import And Edit PDFs in a PDF Reader

How to Edit PDF files

How to Edit PDF files, Create and Import Them How to Edit PDF files:   PDF readers are generally used to view PDF files but they have a lot more to offer. Many users are unaware of the fact that PDF readers can help create and edit existing PDF files as well. However, to do so, you may have to buy premium services of a PDF reader. The most famous PDF reader Adobe Acrobat reader lets you create PDFs from scratch and even edit them. You can compose an e-book…

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8 Must have Gadgets to Power your Start-Up

Gadgets for StartUps

Must have Gadgets to Boost Your StartUp Must have Gadgets for Startups:  A lot of planning is required to start a business, whether big or small. The entrepreneurs have to make sure that every step they undertake should lead them to the growth of the company and its success. To run the business smoothly, one needs to have some gadgets to get going in their daily lives at the start.  That is why, there are many devices and accessories in the market to give a boost to the entrepreneurs, making…

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