Best 5 Cool gadgets at CES 2016 with pictures

tech gadgets at CES 2016

Best 7 Cool gadgets at CES 2016 We all love gadgets. There are many tech freaks out there who are mad about cool gadgets. In this post, we will talk about Best 7 Cool gadgets at CES 2016 that will definitely steal your attention.  CES is a trading show for all the electronics and consumer technology. CES as the name reads – Consumer Electronics Show. The CES 2016 held in Las Vegas Convention Centre, Nevada. The event had a lot of security officials, armored police officers, and detective dogs.  Here we…

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Top 3 laptops under 30000, specs and features 2016

Top 3  laptops under 30000 in India As we have earlier talked about laptops under Rs. 35000, now we will be going through another three good choices in terms of price (30000), features and details. In this post, we will talk about Top 3 laptops under 30000 with specs and features.Laptops have always been of great importance in working masses lives. So, better buy something that fulfills the list of features and lives long. Here is the first model, which we are going to look through. Let us walk down…

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WWE Immortals game: Full Download for android/iOS/PC

Download WWE Immortals game

WWE Immortals game: Full Download Who doesn’t love games? I think almost every one of us loves games. People of every age love to play games whether they are young or old. Android mobiles have made it very easy to Download and install games on your mobile. Google Play store has an extremely large collection of games. today we will discuss an amazing game for android/iOS/PC – WWE Immortals game.  Many of us love fighting games a lot. WWE immortals game brings you a real experience and it has amazing…

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Pacer app: Best Free Pedometer and Weight Loss App 2017

best fitness app Pacer app

Pacer app: the best fitness and weight loss app Fitness is the must in today’s fast pacing world. We all want to excel in our professional work and earn good but what’s the use of earning huge amounts of money if you are not healthy. There is a very famous saying also ” Health is Wealth”. So here were are today with one of the best fitness app and weight loss app –  the Pacer app. Pacer app is a fitness app with Pedometer and weight loss app. In technical terms,…

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Nokia android smartphone to be launched in 2017

Nokia android smartphone coming in 2017 Nokia android smartphone: Reasons to be back –  For India, Nokia still seems like an old similar homely name. It comes with trust,  progress,  dependence and familiarity.  Hardly anyone would deny that in most of the homes in India,  the first ever phones to be used were mostly of Nokia brand company. Nokia was famous for its durability. Love Nokia 3310? Buy it here However,  with the advancing technology and the new introductions of android phones and the iOS, Nokia somewhere failed to keep up with…

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Top 5 programming language you can learn in 2017

Programming language Top 5 programming language:   New year is on its way. Just 5-6 days are left. We all take some resolutions on the New year’s eve. New year is the best time to start something new or learn new things in life. So here we bring you the top 5 programming language worth learning in the year 2017. Programming is a fun. Many of us feel that programming language is very difficult to learn. But if done with concentration and dedication, it’s not that hard to learn programming language. Learning…

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Waymo Driverless Car: Google’s self driving car Technology

Waymo - self driving car

Waymo – a car without a driver Today we will introduce you to Waymo – Google’s self-driving car. Google is working to introduce its self-driving car technology to more number of people soon. Waymo will be a true tech revolution as Google is planning to make it fully automatic with zero human intervention or involvement. It has been working on the same for a long time but now Google is facing a tough challenge from companies like Apple Inc, Uber and others. You can check out the complete Waymo Wiki below:-…

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Top 5 tech gadgets to buy this Christmas season

Top 5 tech gadgets to gift this Christmas season For the Christmas is around the corner, almost 2-3 days left to celebrate the occasion, its the same time of the year for reunions, celebrations and yes, gifts. And for this year has been full of new tech gadgets, what would be better than gifting some of the best tech gadgets to our friends and family. Technology with happiness isn’t it the best combination for the season. To let you get acknowledged to the best inspirational and fun involving technology,  here…

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What is a Bitcoin? Complete details


Bitcoin: Basic information A bitcoin is very popular nowadays. Some of us might not be aware as if What bitcoin is? Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, which is very different from the normal currency. A bitcoin is designed and kept electronically. You can not keep it in a physical form. Actually, a bitcoin is created by persons, computers all around the world. the whole process is very different, like our currency in the physical form. We can not keep a bitcoin in a physical form. Cryptocurrency is the right name for a…

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Top 5 mobiles under 15000, specs and features 2016

Top 5 mobiles under 15000 you can buy Mobile has become a very important part of our life. We can live a day without food but most of us can not imagine even a single day without their smartphone. Everybody love their phone a lot. We all wish to have the latest specs and features in our smartphone. Nowadays there are many cool smartphones out in the market. top brands keep adding new features to the mobiles to attract customers. It becomes very cumbersome for us to choose a mobile phone from…

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