Kik Messenger chatting app: Download for android/iOS mobiles & Features 2017

Kik Messenger chatting app

Kik Messenger chatting app: BRIEF HISTORY Kik Messenger chatting app is one of the popular Chat messaging apk which many people might not be aware of. It is observed to be popular among people really into technology stuff and their updates. In this article, we will see Kik Messenger chatting app: Download for android/iOS mobiles & Features 2017. You will also come to know about kik messenger wiki, history and other details about the kik apk. In 2003, some students of the University of Waterloo, in Canada discovered the Kik…

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How to check availability of iPhone in Apple stores using Google Sheet

check availability of iPhone in Apple stores using Google Sheet

Best way to check availability of iPhone in Apple stores How to check availability of iPhone in Apple stores: Are you people fascinated by the new and beautiful iPhone7? Well, why not? It is designed so beautifully and features are super attractive. So, if you wanna buy an iPhone7, Rose Gold 128GB or any particular model, then here is something we can help you with. Buy Apple iPhone 7 Rose Gold here. What if, the model you desire is not available in Apple stores nearby your location or online? Don’t worry…

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Connection error in Shareit PC : Fixed for android and iPhone

connection error in Shareit PC

How to solve connection error in Shareit PC for android & iPhone Two days back, I was feeling bored. So I decided to watch a movie or so. But all my movies are generally saved in my PC. But when I tried to share a movie from PC to my mobile, it showed a connection error in Shareit PC. You all must have also faced a connection error in Shareit PC in android and iPhone. This connection error in Shareit PC is seen to be occurring while sharing files from PC…

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Top 3 laptops under 30000, specs and features 2016

Top 3  laptops under 30000 in India As we have earlier talked about laptops under Rs. 35000, now we will be going through another three good choices in terms of price (30000), features and details. In this post, we will talk about Top 3 laptops under 30000 with specs and features.Laptops have always been of great importance in working masses lives. So, better buy something that fulfills the list of features and lives long. Here is the first model, which we are going to look through. Let us walk down…

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What is a Bitcoin? Complete details


Bitcoin: Basic information A bitcoin is very popular nowadays. Some of us might not be aware as if What bitcoin is? Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, which is very different from the normal currency. A bitcoin is designed and kept electronically. You can not keep it in a physical form. Actually, a bitcoin is created by persons, computers all around the world. the whole process is very different, like our currency in the physical form. We can not keep a bitcoin in a physical form. Cryptocurrency is the right name for a…

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OnePlus 3 mobile : Specs and features, price in India

OnePlus 3 mobile: Value for Money smartphone The OnePlus is a Chinese manufacturer which serves almost 42 countries overall. We are here with the particulars of one of the mainstream products. We are talking about the OnePlus 3 mobile. OnePlus 3 mobile has appealing looks that will definitely capture your attention. OnePlus 3 mobile has all that specs and features that you wish to have in your dream smartphone.   The Oneplus3 mobile was unveiled in June 2016 with the prominent “metal unibody” feature. The phone is well regarded by most…

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Best 5 mobiles under 20000 Rs. in India 2016

OnePlus 2 Best 5 mobiles features and specifications

Best 5 mobiles under 20000: Specs & features Are you stuck with very many options for best phones? It may turn out to be a tough task in hand. In this post,  we will tell you the Best 5 mobiles under 20000 Rs. There are multiple choices nowadays when it comes to this price range and excellent features. But then, every coin has two faces and so does a handset. In this rising competition,  it is quite difficult to choose best out of the lot available. So, here we are to…

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