The Best Academic Preparation for an Editorial Career

A degree in English or literature in a painful way, for God’s sake — that is an excellent preparation for working as author or editor the continuation of the ridiculous idea, I’ve had a lot of fun to find a new position. There will be a degree in English or literature required list of candidates. Now, a degree in English can be helpful, but the English major composition, it’s not essential to the writing and revision of the document grammar, syntax, usage, punctuation, style, editing and other components less the…

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AI Technology Trends | Sophia: the first Robot capable of Emotional Intelligence

AI Robot Sophia

AI Technology Trends The advancements in AI technology combined with IT/Cloud Computing have provided all the tools necessary for businesses and organizations to stay on top of the game. Using this technology business owners are able to ensure faster growth, increased productivity, better internal/external collaboration within the framework of their organization and with their partners and clients, and promote the heightened market presence and visibility.   The progressive rate at which new applications and upgrades are being developed also ensure that small businesses can take full advantage of AI programs…

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4 Best News App for Android That You Must Have

top news app for android

 News App for Android We all love to scroll down our fingers through the mesmerizing and the eye catchy apps whose dominating features has created a revolution in the Android market. Though many other apps are available in the Play Store, why there is a maximum shift towards the news app when we have the informative newspapers in our hand? Really the question is a matter of talk and so here I am with the answers.  Newspapers are the cheapest mode of information for us and instead of having this…

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Features of a Spy phone tracker

Smartphones are an integral part of our life and no matter how much we curse it, we often end up scrolling in our smartphones. There are numerous possibilities with a Smartphone and some of them you can’t even imagine. Apart from being calling device, camera, a camcorder, recorder, alarm clock, and a web browsing device, it can also act as a remote control, a navigation device, torchlight and much more. Out of those numerous possibilities, one such use possible is that you can use it as a spy phone. A…

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Skillinfinity: An amazing Platform for Bloggers

Skillinfinity Platform

Skillinfinity: A Family of  Bloggers Skillinfinity is a popular Platform for bloggers and social influencers out there. It is now a family of around 500+ bloggers of various niches like Tech, Career, Fashion and Lifestyle, Entertainment, blogging niche etc. It is the perfect platform for bloggers to showcase their blogs and their Blogging talent to the world. It gives you the opportunity to be a part of the Indian Blogging Community. Blogging has become very competitive nowadays. Gone are those days when ranking a keyword or article was much easy…

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Motorola wants to make your phone into a Gaming Console

Motorola Gaming Console

In this article, we are talking about Motorola wants to convert your smartphone into a Gaming Console. It means that Motorola developed the technology by which we can use any Smartphone in place of Gaming Console. Motorola is an American company which was founded on September 25, 1928. Motorola is the best ever mobile company in the market. There are many mobiles available in the markets which are too good for look and configuration also.   To play games on Smartphones, we require some configuration like RAM Storage, Processor and…

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Flipkart Billion Capture Plus: Price, Features and Specifications

Flipkart Billion Capture Plus

Flipkart Billion Capture Plus: Just when the competition and the choices can’t get any bigger, then and there,  Flipkart now has stepped into the smartphone game also. Flipkart on Friday has finally now unveiled its first Billion branded smartphone, the Capture+, that has been so long awaited in India. The Billion self-brand was first announced in July this year and is an India-focused private label from the Flipkart. The company states that the Billion private label now has been fully developed along with keeping in mind the consumer needs of…

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UC Browser Apk Removed From PlayStore due to Security Issues

UC Browser Apk

UC Browser Apk Removed From Google PlayStore UC Browser Apk, the app which was popular among youngsters for faster movie and songs download has finally been removed from the Google PlayStore. Some of you will argue and say its still present in the Google Play store. So, let me tell you it is the mini version of Uc Browser and not the main one. Yesterday only I was advising one of my authors Manavta to uninstall the app from her phone because this phone is believed to hack your personal data and…

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Converting Video Formats Using Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter Software  Movavi Video Converter:  As you probably realize there are many different types of video formats out there, and even if you exclude the less-popular variants – it still amounts to quite a lot. In most cases, you’ll be able to ignore the format of your videos if you’re playing them on a computer, but if you intend to play them on DVD players, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets or other devices – you may find that certain formats simply aren’t compatible.   While there are ways to…

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