The Best Academic Preparation for an Editorial Career

A degree in English or literature in a painful way, for God’s sake — that is an excellent preparation for working as author or editor the continuation of the ridiculous idea, I’ve had a lot of fun to find a new position.

There will be a degree in English or literature required list of candidates. Now, a degree in English can be helpful, but the English major composition, it’s not essential to the writing and revision of the document grammar, syntax, usage, punctuation, style, editing and other components less the intricacies in the acquisition of skills is of little use.


In which the instructor to determine the grammatical category of each word and ask the students wrote about grammar-this article is the main part of each class period reading aloud a word for Word English course I remember. At the end of term, despite this intensive analysis, at the beginning of the course I became more knowledgeable about my grammar. This kind of experience and several major British endure.


A discussion of how to organize your thoughts and evaluate the validity and logic in writing, however, you will be given written information, but mostly useful. More subtle are the qualities I’ve mentioned above but a little advice.


Definitely, articles and theses writing students, with emphasis on the analysis of the themes of literary works, consistency, and clarity and conciseness of the development, although it is even less useful a degree in literature; Foundation, literary criticism, and.


English Literature and lessons you must learn to choose the right words. A special and vivid verb with strong, active sentences structuring helps. They don’t help create stories. In short, some important English and literature Major authors and/or publishers will only be revealed later, even though the use of the masters of English literature or language.


On a related note, say, economics or mathematics graduate I was very surprised when I saw the job postings. I’m lazy about Laissez-fairy, and I don’t know a stop sign cosine. But on two issues-edited scholarly books and textbooks. Worked in various scientific books, he has, but to support me-long learning, a degree in biology instead of physics or astronomy, and life is just a collection I have.



Value and academic preparation of students and employers?

How about the art of theatre? Removed from the scene, less than a quarter of a century after concentration cannot be calculated in a format that I deserved it because it was valuable diploma degree, and had a paid job in journalism and publishing. (And believe me, I know a lot of drama, and the comedy and tragedy of the business environment, not to forget the draft.)


But seriously, Folks, what prepared me for my career, First, in building a foundation for a natural practical experience supported writing facility. I had no interest in journalism even though my college’s student-newspaper office after the first day of classes I went and never looked back.


I learned to tell a story — writing at the most basic level, a hundred articles, reviews and columns on the hundreds I have taken on increasing responsibility for producing the expression and it’s another thing to edit. (And I took journalism classes, the students are left to write, I already use the pieces I wrote for the school newspaper.)

Based on my experience, if it’s your writing or editing a job, employers to any extent for the value, this journalism and mass communication. But I didn’t win, and people who earn it should not be allowed near a keyboard, I know that. The most useful indicator of a candidate for a position of power, which is provided as part of the application process or about a particular subject and writes a brief outline of arrangements. Have a certain degree of comparison are the rights, no matter where it is almost useless. (And the story it doesn’t matter anymore — but that’s another topic entirely.)

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