AI Technology Trends | Sophia: the first Robot capable of Emotional Intelligence

AI Robot Sophia

AI Technology Trends

The advancements in AI technology combined with IT/Cloud Computing have provided all the tools necessary for businesses and organizations to stay on top of the game. Using this technology business owners are able to ensure faster growth, increased productivity, better internal/external collaboration within the framework of their organization and with their partners and clients, and promote the heightened market presence and visibility.


The progressive rate at which new applications and upgrades are being developed also ensure that small businesses can take full advantage of AI programs which will help them survive in a competitive environment where bigger players rule the scene. So, it is important for every company to know in which direction this technology is going and how AI can help them find solutions to their respective needs.


After smartphones, smart homes, smart cars(and the whole Internet of Things) which have already revolutionized every field of industry from Education and Transport to Health, Agriculture and more, we now have Sophia, the first robot capable of ‘emotional intelligence’. Recently made the first robot citizen of Saudi Arabia, Sophia is a perfect example of the evolution of the latest AI tech trends and effectively represents the latest tools used by companies worldwide. As an AI robot, Sophia is able to recognize human behaviour and language by various processes that of course include Natural Language Programming (NLP)- of which Semantics technology and data/text mining (that can make sense of both structured and unstructured data) are some of the main components.

Sophia Robot AI


Sophia’s greatest strength—much like personal AI online assistants—lies in mimicking the neural pathways of the human brain through Machine Learning and using audio/visual, facial and image recognition processes. These represent another important AI trend that along with the use of Virtual Reality is already helping CEOs, clients and employees conduct relations faster (Virtual Conferences). As an AI robot it connects wirelessly to servers hosted on the ‘Cloud’ and uses AI algorithms to sift through all the available sources on the Internet thanks to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). These help it filter, process and deliver any relevant and pertinent data. What makes a robot like Sophia special is that it is expected to achieve full consciousness in the next few years.

AI can already anticipate future challenges, predict fluctuations in customer demand/satisfaction, and adjust the supply chain accordingly. All while discovering new business strategies and methods to diversify and attract multiple audiences thanks to its open source analysis of all the data found thanks to open source intelligence. OSINT represents the full gamut of data on the net—from virtual libraries to academic professional sites, consumer blogs, business journals, and even previously undiscovered sources of knowledge, using a cross-disciplinary approach that will encourage collaboration among the most diverse fields of human activity. OSINT is a method of intelligence gathering used by the government and the intelligence communities to help predict and avoid potential threats like terrorist attacks or other disasters by monitoring all the content found on social media.Cyber security is crucial in today’s modern society.

Thankfully, businesses can take advantage of the services of professional AI software providers like Expert System, which are offering ever more advanced OSINT tools for a number of uses (one of which is, of course, online security).


In the business world AI robots like Sophia will use these same tools to work (hopefully) in harmony with human employees. Thought not necessarily in the physical form of a human, as can be seen in Sophia, businesses will be able to continue optimizing the basics of AI functionality in the workplace. This will help in reducing bureaucracy, saving time, lowering costs on expensive hardware like cables and external memory drives, saving on energy bills, and of course increasing the overall efficiency of the company by encouraging the sharing of ideas between the employees, clients and partners of a company.

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  1. This is great.Hope Sophia uses her intelligence to help people.

    1. Yes, it is. Artificial Intelligence is going to bring a lot of changes in the world.

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