4 Best News App for Android That You Must Have

top news app for android

 News App for Android

We all love to scroll down our fingers through the mesmerizing and the eye catchy apps whose dominating features has created a revolution in the Android market. Though many other apps are available in the Play Store, why there is a maximum shift towards the news app when we have the informative newspapers in our hand? Really the question is a matter of talk and so here I am with the answers.

 Newspapers are the cheapest mode of information for us and instead of having this unique stuff in our hands why we think of reading the daily important news through the apps. The first reason is the lack of time due to the pressure of the over bundled works which even let us forget about the daily needs of the life. We all are in the race of reaching the heights of success and during this course, we don’t have the time to read the blabbering facts embedded in the newspaper and so our attention gets diverted towards the apps.

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4 Top News App for Android

1. BUZZFEED: – Embedded with the news from all around the world, the app uses extremely mind-blowing and fun contents to grab the user’s attention. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS and so both the users can enjoy the features of it. You are free to squeeze through the different menus for the type of news you have been looking for.

Download here BUZZFEED

News app for AndroidNews App for Android


2.AWESUMMLY: – Awesummly is designed with a bunch of marvelous features that alone has the capability of a driving whole of the attention towards its offerings. What other news apps are unable to offer, the same emptiness is fulfilled by it. It is because of these features it has been one of the best short news apps. What most attracts the user towards itself is the online sharing of the news with our close ones.

Download here News app

News App for AndroidNews App for Android


3.ESPN: – The countdown without a sports news is simply a waste and so to free it from the waste here is this awesome sports app for you that will land you in the world of thrill, fun, and excitement. Whatever sports you are looking for just click on the icon and within a moment whole of the article will be disclosed to you to have the complete information happening in the world of sports

Download here ESPN

News App for AndroidNews App for Android


4. REDDIT: – Compatible with both iOS and Android, it is on its way of providing the best to its users. It uses its source to grab the information from all around the world and present it before the user in a unique manner with the eye catchy and the informative contents. It allows the user to click on any of the topics, he has been looking for. It also notifies with the current happenings across the globe.

Download here REDDIT

News App for AndroidNews App for Android


So, these were the 4 Top News App for Android mobile phones. Download them and stay up to date with each and every event happening around you. Hope you like this article! Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.


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