BattleShip Game Review: GamePlay and Features [ Check Coupons ]

Battleship Game Review

Battleship Review

Battleship is a video game that is basically based on a movie. Its initial inspiration was taken from a board game. It is developed by the studio – Double Helix Games, who are renowned for designing games like Silent Hill- Homecoming. Battleship isn’t a very good first person shooter game but it has some surprises for the players in store. Let’s take a good look at the features and the flaws of this game.



BattleShip: Gameplay 

As the game begins, you will have the task to dispose explosives. The character given to you is First Class Cole Mathis. In the initial segment, as the game proceeds, an unknown object falls down from the sky interrupting a training session. At that very moment, suddenly the Hawaiian archipelago somehow gets cut off from the rest of the world. On the other hand, aliens start to launch their invasion, starting from the sea. Now the Hawaiian archipelago defends the territory and faces off against those invading aliens.

After that, you are given a new task. You are supposed to run to the land area and shoot humanoid aliens. Also, as you kill aliens, you are supposed to duck to guide a ship and provide it with coordinates. The ship will be lost without your help. You are supposed to go to military compounds, disable any alien barrier that has been disrupting the radio signals of the compound and as your reach the next level, you are supposed to repeat all that again. You can explore ordering Battleship online via Tata Cliq Coupons today.

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Features and Drawbacks –

Though the gameplay has a storyline and strategic gameplay, there are some monotonous moments where you just stay on land. There is an indicator on your screen which points to the direction you are supposed to move in and it also tells you about how many more yards are you still away from your destination. The landscapes are quite full. Hawaii, as they have portrayed, actually looks like it’s not worth all the efforts to save such a place! The display of the land is not very creative either. There are crates lying in grassy fields and alongside ravines and that’s all the creativity the game offers.

There is a particular path that the player needs to follow. It’s better not to roam around and stray from that specific path unless you plan on finding the four collectibles that are hidden in every stage, which technically are useless.

The environments of Battleship aren’t designed very systematically either. You find yourself looking for ammunition in grassy areas jumping from some ledges and the next moment, you strike against some invisible barrier that won’t let you get into the shelter as you are being shot by gunman.

Battleship took their inspiration for controls and combat from Call Of Duty, but it failed to refine the controls. Now as you play the game, your shooting can be good but you won’t hit the target very easily. Only close shots work well. Getting close to enemies who move too much and are attacking from different angles isn’t a task a player would wanna do. Moreover, as you get an automatic weapon, initial firing is too wide spread and it will start to narrow down as you will be running out of bullets.

The checkpoints placed in the game are not sufficient. The segments of the game where you are supposed to act all strategic and get the feel of a savior planning to fight aliens, are very short. You won’t have the chance to watch the confrontations unfold as well. Land segments in the game seem to be quite annoying as well. Moreover, the game is short with only seven missions and not extra modes to play it. So, this game won’t keep you busy after you’ve completed the campaign. Order now with Aliexpress Offers today to get best rates for online video games.



One interesting thing about the game is that you can take control of the vessel, which needs a power up usage, and you can fire torpedoes and missiles. You can also prefer to stay on land and you can get a good look at the waves, water battles, anything important happening in the sea and gray sinking ships. Despite of its graphical and strategic flaws, you can play it for its short and of course, who doesn’t want to kill a bunch of aliens!

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