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In today’s time, communication is no more restricted to letters or telegrams. We now have latest and fastest social media messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook, Instagram, etc. In most of our Android smartphones, WhatsApp comes pre-installed. But if it doesn’t come then we straightaway get to installing it on the device. In the last four to five years, especially after Facebook acquired WhatsApp and made it free, it has become a lot popular and common among citizens of almost every country.

WhatsApp is becoming better and better with every passing day. Many of us spend half of our day on these messaging platforms, chatting and calling our friends, family members, etc. Now there is also a feature of ’24 hours status’ which has increased the popularity of WhatsApp to a large extent. Even after all this, the urge for demand never ends and even due to some restrictions on the features part, a clone of WhatsApp was invented which was named GBWHATSAPP.

GBWhatsApp will help you to get rid of most of the restrictions that the official version imposes on you. In simple words, GBWhatsApp is a modded application (WhatsApp) which has some extra features that you won’t be able to find in the official version. Some of the noticeable popular features are blue tick hiding, online status hiding, hiding last seen, theming and many other features. If you start using this app, you will automatically find the amount of difference for yourself. If you hunt in the market, you will find many other competitors of GBWhatsApp like YOWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. But like always GBWhatsApp beat all of them in terms of features and regular updates.

If you are looking for dual WhatsApp then also GBWhatsApp can be quite helpful as it will easily get installed alongside your original WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp can easily get installed on both rooted and non rooted smartphone devices.



GBWhatsApp is popularly known for the amazing number of features it provides to its users. But other than the features part, it also has a great and wonderful user interface and customizations options. These customization options will help one to get a personal design for their WhatsApp as they prefer. It is noted that almost every person who has installed GBWhatsApp apk on his/her device has never looked back to the official WhatsApp. In this article, we are providing you the real, authentic and updated version of GBWhatsApp apk file that is free and easy to download and install on your device.

Download here:   GBWhatsApp APK Download


Name: GBWhatsApp

Size: 37.14 MB

Android Requirements: Android version 4.0 and above!

No Of Downloads : 9,000,000+

Latest Version: 6.40

Last Updated: June 7, 2018

Developer: GBMods


WiFi Access

Bluetooth Access


Sending SMS


Storage Access

Internet Access

Record Audio

Mic Access

Camera Access

Background Tasks


GBWhatsApp Latest Version Features :

GBWhatsApp comes with lots and lots of features that you will yourself get tired of reading up all of them. Some of the amazing features include hiding last seen, hiding online status, hiding typing status while you type and much more than that. It has many extra features that lack in the official WhatsApp that you download through the Play Store. To know about these extra features, download GBWhatsApp right away from the download section. Let’s check out some of the best features of the app that you should not miss at all.

There’s an auto reply feature with the help of which you can send automatic replies to your contacts.

There have been changes made for the groups

There’s introduction of Locked voice recording, with the help of which you will be able to uphold the recording button and continue recording your audio.

There’s an amazing option to disable calls of specific contacts.

The Video Calling has been improved and it is working pretty fine.

Just like WhatsApp, you can easily recall the messages you have already sent.

There’s an option to schedule messages for events, wishing like birthdays, parties, etc.

Easily send messages to anyone at anytime automatically.

The selfie flash option has been added.

There’s an amazing option to disable last seen for specific contacts.

Easily grab your WhatsApp link and share it in public to attract users from different parts of the world.

The app is totally ban proof! You can easily utilize the features without the worry of getting your account banned.

GBWhatsApp lets you send your broadcast to 600 people at a time rather than 250 people.

Easily hide your last seen at one click!

If you love to try out new themes, then you will like the Inbuilt Theme Store with the help of which you can apply different themes for free of cost.

There are privacy modes to even hide the second tick.

There’s counter statistics for groups.

For downloading and applying of themes, there is theme server.

Easily preview received media before downloading. This is a much better and advanced feature from the one seen on WhatsApp.

Easily send videos of up to 100 MB than being restricted to 16 MB only.

If you love to experiment with quotes, then you can insert status of up to 250 characters than 139 characters.

The capacity of sending images at once is increased to 90 from 10.

Easily distinguish between normal and broadcast messages.

Option to click on a link that any of your contacts has out in status. Generally, you would have to manually type the address, but now you can click on it and directly visit the website.

Easily copy bulk messages of Chats without the worry of getting the name and dare copied of the senders.

Easily make changes to the app notifications and icon from the settings panel.

These were some of the most popular and advanced features of GBWhatsApp. There are many more features that we couldn’t include in this post as it would have been too long and boring. We wanted to keep it short and informative! If you want to know more about the features then just straightaway download GBWhatsApp apk file and learn the installation part from the next section.

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The download link provided on this page is totally safe and virus/malware free. We will never compromise with our readers and will always make sure that the thing (gbwhatsapp apk file) getting delivered from our site is free from any sort of threat that can hamper your device or privacy. Major of the sites that are listed on the search are engines are updated with the old versions of GBWhatsApp or most of them are not even genuine files. They are most probably there to just earn quick money.

To install GBWHATSAPP you just need an Android device and an active Internet connection, which we believe that you are already having as you reading up this article. If by chance you lack an Android device then no issues as you can download and sideload the apk file using an Android emulator for your Windows PC or Mac. Without wasting any more time, let us learn to quickly sideload the GBWhatsApp apk file on our device.

1) Make sure that you have successfully downloaded the GBWhatsApp apk file from the download section. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, then download it right away!

2) Proceed by enabling unknown sources option by heading to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

3) Locate your downloaded apk file from the file explorer and once you land upon it, double-click the file to begin the installation procedure.

4) The installation dialog window would now open. Just proceed by following the on-screen instructions.

5) The installation will take a little while and we recommend you to not interrupt the installation of the app.

6) That’s it! You would soon be greeted with the successful installation message. Just find your app from the app drawer and enjoy showing off your cool new features of GBWhatsApp.

That was the simple step by step process which aimed to teach you to install the GBWhatsApp apk file on your Android device. We hope that you have successfully installed the file without encountering any error. If you have, then you should check out the FAQ section.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

If you are new to the Android world then you may be having a lot of questions related to GBWhatsApp and what not! You may have encountered an issue at the time of installation or there may be some other sort of query in your mind for which you want the solution. If that is the case, then check out the below FAQs. Your question maybe listed in one of the below questions. If it is listed then no issues, you can comment below and we will revert to you as soon as possible

1) Is GBWhatsApp Safe To Download & Use?

Ans: I myself had this question in mind when I was new to the world of “modded apps” but once my doubt got cleared, everything was smooth! Speaking short and direct, it is totally safe to download and utilize the application on your device. Come on it is just a modded version of WhatsApp that is made with some extra cool features. This app has been there in the market for a long time and people have been using it without any problem or complaints.

2) Who Created GBWhatsApp?

Ans: The app has gone so much viral that some of you maybe worried about the authenticity of the app. But don’t worry as the app is made GBMods who are a group of Android app developers. They have other popular apps like GBInstagram also.

3) Which One is Better: Official WhatsApp or GBWhatsApp?

Ans: Without a doubt, the award goes to GBWhatsApp! If you would have carefully read this post especially the features section then you wouldn’t have encountered this question in your mind. The main reason that people switch to such modded applications is that they provide some amazing extra features that are restricted in the original or official version of the app.

4) Will I Get Banned Using GBWhatsApp?

Ans: Alright, we won’t hide anything from you and will keep everything open! It is true that such apps carry a certain risk or account ban or removal. Even a few months back, there was a news that surfaced the Internet which indicated that WhatsApp is taking strict measures against users who are using cracked or modded versions of WhatsApp. Now there is not one modded app for WhatsApp. There are hundreds of them available on the market. Out of all of them, GBWhatsApp is the most advanced one that carries very less chance of getting an account banned due to the inbuilt anti-ban feature.

5) How To Get GBWhatsApp On My PC?

Ans: If due to some reason, you don’t have an Android smartphone with you then you can download GBWhatsApp apk file on your computer and run it using an Android emulator. We recommend you to run it using BlueStacks as it is the most popular and recommended one. You have to just learn to sideload the apk file in the Android emulator.

Changelog :

Improved the AutoReply feature

Stock Fab

The base has got updated to 2.18.122.

Addition of Brazilian & Italian language

Bubble Color

GIF Background Color

Addition of Voice Locked Recording Feature

Search option added for theme server

Addition of Hide New Chat Icon from Header

The group settings have got updated.

There have been many more fixes made to the app.


Final Words :

This was the ultimate guide on GBWhatsApp apk file. We hope that this article helped you gain more knowledge and at the same time acquire your favorite latest version of GBWhatsApp. The app would be getting updated by the developers from time to time and this is the page where we will be updating the future updates also. So bookmark it right now!


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