GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version for Android [ 2019 ]

GBWHATSAPP APK In today’s time, communication is no more restricted to letters or telegrams. We now have latest and fastest social media messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook, Instagram, etc. In most of our Android smartphones, WhatsApp comes pre-installed. But if it doesn’t come then we straightaway get to installing it on the device. In the last four to five years, especially after Facebook acquired WhatsApp and made it free, it has become a lot popular and common among citizens of almost every country. WhatsApp is becoming better and better…

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WhatsApp Stickers: How to Download Stickers for Android/iOS

WhatsApp Stickers Pack

WhatsApp Officially Announced the WhatsApp Stickers WhatsApp Stickers Pack:   WhatsApp has officially announced that stickers will be available from now onwards in the WhatsApp Messenger Apk. The WhatsApp Stickers can be easily noticed in the WhatsApp keyboard. If you are not able to see the WhatsApp Stickers pack in your current WhatsApp Messenger, you need to update your WhatsApp Apk to version 2.18.329. WhatsApp Stickers are really awesome and a large range of stickers are available ranging from sad, happy to curious and more. Some of the popular WhatsApp Stickers…

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Top 31 Secret Whatsapp Tricks and Tips that You Must Not be Knowing

Whatsapp Tricks and Hacks

Whatsapp Tricks and Hacks These days undoubtedly one of the most used apps is the Whatsapp. It has been the best messaging platform till date. But there are some Whatsapp Tricks and Tips that can very easily make the WhatsApp apk more interesting and useful. In this article, we give you the top 30 best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips that will make using the Whatsapp Apk more interesting.   31 Whatsapp Tricks, Tips and Hacks: Not so Common Tricks How to know if someone has read your Whatsapp message or…

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10 Things About WhatsApp That You Didn’t Know: Amazing WhatsApp Facts

WhatsApp Facts

WhatsApp Facts: 10 Crazy WhatsApp Facts That You Didn’t Know WhatsApp Facts:   We all know as for how these days,  WhatsApp has become such an important app in our lives. Today,  it is seen as the best app to deliver messages,  videos, documents etc. to your contacts and friends so easily and that too quickly. It seems that we know a lot about the WhatsApp but there are some hidden interesting features about WhatsApp too that some of us might not know.  So here we present you top 10…

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Android app to know who visited your WhatsApp profile: Download App

who visited your WhatsApp profile

Android App to check who visited your WhatsApp profile Best App to check who visited your WhatsApp profile:  WhatsApp has become a very important part of our lives nowadays. WhatsApp is much more than chatting with friends and family members. Its amazing and unique feature make WhatsApp distinct from other Chat apps and Chat messengers. WhatsApp has some cool features that enhance the app’s user experience. WhatsApp has multimedia features. You can receive or send multimedia data like songs, videos, text files, documents to your friends and relatives very easily. You can…

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How To Share Your Location With Friends on WhatsApp 2017

How to share your location with friends on WhatsApp pic source-Whatsapp

  How To Share Your Location With Friends on WhatsApp Whatsapp tutorial on How to share your location with friends: In this article, we will talk on How to share your location with friends. Whatsapp has become a very important part of our personal and professional lives. It has replaced the simple text messages. Almost every smartphone users have Whatsapp installed in hs/her phone. But WhatsApp has become more than a messaging app. Whatsapp developers keep adding some cool features in it. A few months back only Whatsapp developers have added…

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Download Whatsapp video calling update for android/iOS

How to update whatsapp video calling feature We all know that whatsapp  video calling is now out with new updates which are easily available on Android, iOs and Windows 10 devices. As per whatsapp, learnings from voice calls is going to make video calling to make it super quick and helpful. But the most important thing required before starting a whatsapp video calling  is that you friends should have the same version of the app. The whatsapp video calling will let you connect with your peers on video mode. Download whatsapp video…

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