Apple MacBook Air Specifications and Features 2017

Apple MacBook Air Specifications

We all know how popular is MacBook among the tech users.  Its advanced features and best generation processors. And so is in highly in demand and therefore so popular.   The MacBook Air is now powered by the 5th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. This ultra-efficient architecture is designed in order to use less power and still can deliver a very high performance. This means that not only can one do whatever they want, but they can keep doing it for longer than before. In addition, the Intel…

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Top 10 most useful Mac apps and Utilities that You Must Download 2017

useful Mac apps and Utilities

Best 10 useful apps and Utilities for Mac 2017 Top 10 very useful Mac apps and Utilities:  Have you bought a new Mac or have your parents gifted you a Apple Mac on your birthday? You got a Mac, you are very excited for it and are loving it more than anything else. Right ?? I know, as it is a human nature. We get obsessed with our favorite things. I think everybody would like to have a Mac. Now, let us say you have got it but you are…

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