Introducing Mobile Applications for Better Learning


In this world, where every movement the technology is taking steps ahead, the educational Industry has also found a new resource in the form of educational apps. They are fast replacing books with highly interactive videos, engaging and highly interesting educational games, moving animations and more. With these educational apps, you could not only crack any competitive examination but will also assist you in successfully completing your course effortlessly. Nowadays, the app store is full of educational apps but selecting the right one for your preparation could change your way of looking at the process of learning. Few of the aspects of mobile applications for a better learning experience are discussed below:


Accessibility to Learning: Nowadays, almost everybody has access to the smartphones and with the introduction of educational applications; the accessibility to information has taken a whole new level. Unlike the traditional schools and coaching, mobile applications are available round the clock.  Educational Applications are accessible on phones or on tablets which are portable and could be carried anywhere. Students could learn easily at any place and at any time, provided, they have a smartphone along with the internet connection. This will save your unnecessary wastage of energy and time. Also, learning through educational apps is completely a relaxed and portable learning process instead of any time-restricted learning process.


Analyze your performance instantly:

  • While preparing for any complex topic say binomial theorem the most important part is to assess your preparations just after learning it through sample questions, mock tests, and practice papers. Due to the vastness of syllabus, most of the teachers in schools and coaching provide a limited set of questions from any particular topic for practicing. However, through educational applications, you can easily summarize any specific unit instantly and practice several questions from that unit along with ample of practice papers.
  • Through regular tests, you could analyze your performance instantly. You would come to know about your strong points along with those concepts that require more of your attention. In comparison to practicing from any textbook, this method of learning could be more engaging and interesting. Few Educational apps even categorize questions according to their difficulty level, which will enhance your confidence level and you can learn easily from your mistakes.


Access to Quality Content through Visualization:

  • Due to the vastness of syllabus and insufficient time for revision, many students find it difficult to retain concepts in their memory and students waste lots of their valuable time in revising and preparing for the same concepts again and again.
  • Several concepts like optics, chemical bonding, polynomial equation and more require 3D visualization for better understanding which could never be facilitated in pen and paper-based teaching methods. Educational apps are filled with several Interactive learning modules related to your syllabus where the students learn through videos.
  • Learning through videos could be highly beneficial as it will enable you to retain each and every concept for a much longer period of time, helping you to cover the entire syllabus very smoothly.
  • It is one of the best ways of supporting student learning. The concepts which might require 1 to 2 hours of time in classrooms will hardly take around 25 to 30 minutes to understand through videos, which could save a lot of your time.

As we have discussed, the Mobile Applications are building a more effective learning techniques as compared to our conventional methods. Enabling the students to understand the topics conceptually, mobile applications are bringing forth a new era into the educational sector.

Check out this YouTube channel to get an idea of how technology can offer a better way of learning –

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