Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8: What All the Software is going to Have

Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8

Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8 Could Introduce Revolutionary New Features 

Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8:    It is probably safe to say that the upcoming iPhone 8 is the most awaited smartphone of the year. We expect Apple to deliver the best we have seen from them yet for the tenth-anniversary edition of their iconic iPhone in 2017. But while we have to wait until September before we can get to gratify our eyes with the iPhone 8, we might get an idea of what is to come much sooner than that, thanks to the upcoming WWDC developers conference where the company is known to announce their software updates for future devices. The Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8 will bring revolutionary new features in the upcoming iPhone 8.

This year’s event will be especially important and exciting as we hope to hear some much-awaited details about the iOS 11, the operating system that will power the iPhone 8. In this post, we will talk about the Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8, iOS 11 news, release date and features of iOS 11 software.

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Expectations from Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8

Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8
Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8 release date, news and Features

There is much that Apple users expect from the iOS 11, which include speculations over some anticipated improvements. But a software is not made revolutionary only by way of improvements, and many of Apple’s activities over the past few months hint at some amazing new features that could make their debut with the iOS 11.

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For starters, the new Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8 software is expected to focus largely on powering some staggering camera improvements, something that Apple has already set the stage for with the iPhone 7 Plus. The premium edition of the 2016 flagship was one of the first smartphones that made use of the steadily rising dual camera technology. But the iPhone 8, which is believed to mark the beginning of a new generation for the iPhone, will take that to a whole new level starting with its camera.

In this context, the iOS 11 will be the platform in which Apple takes the crucial plunge into Mixed Reality, something that many of its biggest competitors have already indulged in. But as the whole world seems busy to foray into VR, trust Apple to do things differently with the iOS 11. Tim Cook, the Cupertino-based company’s CEO, has already made his preference for Augmented Reality over VR very public, and thanks to the prediction of noted business analysts, we expect the iOS 11 to be integrated with an advanced AR technology that we have never seen before.

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Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8: Speculations


Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8
Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8 release date, news and Features

Speculations state that the iPhone 8’s camera will be linked to the technology and that users will be able to overlay information directly onto their surroundings with the help of the camera on the upcoming device, thanks to the IOS 11 and the smartphone’s hardware upgrades. In fact, analysts state that Apple will be far ahead of their rivals in the field of AR, and we might witness that in 2017 itself. What better platform than the Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8 to do that?

Besides the inclusion of Augmented Reality technology, Apple is also said to focus on the social aspects of communication in a big way with the iPhone 8 and its software. Features like group FaceTime calling have been rumored for a while, but one other aspect where this could be enhanced could sound rather simplistic but is actually pretty important for iPhone users. One thing that the smartphone has been lacking for a while is a sophisticated share sheet, but it looks like Apple is ready to bring that into the Apple iOS 11 for iPhone 8, thanks to the addition of the same in their latest video editing software.

As for the iOS 11 release date, we expect the OS to be announced at the WWDC keynote on June 5, with it going in public beta mode soon after that. We expect the final version to launch in September alongside the iPhone 8.

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