Apple iPhone 8 Reviews and Features

All about iPhone 8 (Post 2)

Introduced in September, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is a huge leap for the company according to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. Both the devices have a mix and match of the previous generation of iPhone 7 and have as well as the upcoming flagship model the iPhone X. With tweaks to the design and internals, one can expect the iPhone 8 to be a good model sold alongside the iPhone X. In this post we will talk about the Apple iPhone 8 Reviews.


Apple iPhone 8 Reviews

The design

The overall appearance of iPhone 8 is similar to that of iPhone 7. The significant difference that one will find is the addition of glass body at the rear. The addition makes it possible for the user to utilize the Qi charging facility (wireless charging). The matching aluminum frame encompasses the volume rocker, antennas, and lock switch. Unlike the flagship model, the iPhone 8 continues to have the touch ID built into the home button.


The device is available in the gold shade, silver, and space grey. In comparison to other devices in its class, iPhone 8 possesses durable glass, reinforced steel, and aluminum structure that all together enables it for acquiring IP 67 water and dust resistant certificate. In addition to this, Apple also enhanced the output of the stereo speakers by over 25 percent along with the inclusion of deeper bass.

The iPhone eight features 4.7-inch display with a small upgrade – the addition of True Tone support. The benefit of adding the true tone support is that device automatically adjusts the color contrast or the temperature based according to the ambient light condition in the room or the surroundings. Additionally, Apple made sure that it continued support for 3-D touch as well as P3 white color.

Wireless charging

By choosing the last body for iPhone 8, Apple made sure that the new model is ready to receive charging wirelessly. As several models are available to charge phones wirelessly, it is now easy for owners of iPhone 8 to get a quick charge at a coffee store, airport lounge, and other places. There will be a greater surge in the availability of these devices since Apple chose glass body for its model. It is even in plans to bring out its version of Qi inductive charger that can charge multiple devices at a time.

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Apple iPhone 8 reviews
sourcde: CNET

Introduction of the A11 bionic chip made a huge difference in the performance in comparison to its predecessor. According to Apple, the six core chipset is smart and powerful in its class. In comparison to the outgoing version, the current chip has two performance cores working at 25% faster and for efficiency four cores operating at 70% faster. Also the music making app have improved after 4 year on this update. Making it big for the Music Producers. The second generation performance controller ensures that it can harness the performance as well as the efficiency of the chipset depending on the user’s operation. It is now easy for the device to handle multitasking 30% faster, thanks to the upgraded Neural Engine, which is capable of machine learning at a faster rate.

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