Download Inshorts app for android/iPhones: News in 60 seconds

Inshorts app

 Inshorts app for android/iPhones

Inshorts app for News:  Inshorts app is an amazing news application. It provides you the latest and the best news out there. What is special about Inshorts is that it summarizes the news in about 60 words or even lesser format for you in Hindi and English. All the current happenings are summarized strictly with the purpose of keeping you informed without any debate or personal opinions and agendas. Inshorts app delivers the best news about politics, Bollywood, and happenings around the world in the fastest and easiest ways. Get the latest affairs in minutes with no chaos at all!

Download Inshorts app for android/iPhones

Download Inshorts app for News on android mobile  here

Download Inshorts app for Latest News on iPhones  here


FEATURES of Inshorts app: News in 60 seconds

Inshorts app  feature 1:  The ‘SEARCH’ option

Inshorts app feature 2:   Using Search you can explore in a wide collection of old and latest shorts.
Inshorts app feature 3:   You can look for any specific short and find it easily.
Inshorts app feature 4:  Search section will give its own suggestions according to your own search inquiry.
Inshorts app  feature 5: Inshorts app feature 5:  Share easily in only one tap using TOSS

Inshorts app feature 6: With a single tap, share any short with your friends using the app.
Inshorts app feature 7:  Using TOSS, notify all your friends about the best videos, articles, and news.

Inshorts app  feature 8:  News Reader

Inshorts app feature 9:  Get updated about the happenings around the world by browsing through the puny shorts of 60 words.
* Shorts and stories are available in the Hindi language too.
* original story is only a click away from you.

Inshorts app  feature 10:  My Feed

Inshorts app  feature 11:   Inshorts is intelligent enough to watch your preferences as you swipe, read and personalize stories for yourself in ‘My Feed’

Inshorts app  feature  12: News Categories

Inshorts app feature 13:  Inshorts app brings every kind of news of multiple topics like politics, India, entertainment, technology, business, startups, sports, and the world.
Inshorts app feature 14:   News is selected and categorized from multiple sources, with a guarantee of the best product.
Inshorts app feature 15:  You can get limited notifications every day for all the important and latest news.
Inshorts app feature 16: Put Inshorts app widget on home screen and browse through the news.

The source of the articles are many publishers and channels such as Indian Express, Reuters, NYT, The Guardian, PTI, Outlook, TechCrunch etcetera. Inshorts app is a fast way to get updated on the happenings around the world.

Inshorts app feature 17:   Share News

Inshorts app feature 18:   You can share the important articles and stories in single touch by TOSS.
Inshorts app feature  19:   The application supports social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, email, WhatsApp etc.

Inshorts app brings you the latest news, politics, science talk, Bollywood happenings in every day’s news in an amazing and elegant way.

Discover the new ways of getting updated with the latest news! Download the Inshorts app today and read short articles on the happenings out there and restore your precious time.

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So this was all about the Inshorts app for News- Latest news/Breaking news, news from Sports, Bollywood, Hollywood, Celebrities, Politics, India and the World news. This was Nikita Chandra here!! Hope you like the post. Don’t forget to Share this piece if you like it 🙂

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