5 Best Movies of 2017 | Top Hollywood Movies of The Year [Ratings]

Best Movies of 2017

Best Hollywood movies   Hollywood in the previous year has actually given some really good contribution to the cinema with outstanding performances with their film. Many of the movies got worldwide acclamation and was praised throughout the world be it a women-centric film like Wonder Woman or a dark truth revealing movie like Get out.

These movies were just not only able to catch the attention of many critics and the audiences but these also did amazingly well at the box office too. It can be said that 2017 was actually a great year for many of the movies. Some of the most remarkable performances by the actors such as Margaret Robbie in I tonya or Huge Jackman in the last part of Wolverine and the show has been critically praised too. And here we bring top 5 movies of 2017 that not only were able to perform at the box office but also caught the worldwide attention by the audience. Check out the list of best 2017 films from Hollywood. You can easily download movies from the list of websites we shared in one of our movie posts. If you missed the post about the best websites to download movies you must check it. These are the best movies websites for free full HD movies download.

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5 Best Movies of 2017: Hollywood

Below we present to you the list of best 2017 films from Hollywood.

  1. Wonder Woman
best HD movies
5 Best hollywood movies 2017

This action and adventure based movie released in the past year was loved and appreciated all over the world and was able to do such amazing collection at the box-offices as well. With IMDb rating of 7.6 out of 10 and 92% Tomatometer rating,  the movie was critically acclaimed as well as loved by the audience equally. The movie was about an Amazon princess who comes in contact with the world of the man after she had been raised in seclusion to protect her from her mother. She was a great trained warrior by the name of the Diana who was a princess of the Amazon but then one day, a pilot crashes and tells her the conflict of the real outside world against her mother wishes,  she leaves the home to fight over that could and all the Wars and gets into the grip of the first world war to confront the forces of the evil and bring an end to the human conflict as well discovering her full powers and true destiny. There are many free HD movie sites from where you can download Wonder Woman movie in high quality.

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  1. Get out
best HD movies
top 5 hollywood movies 2017

One of the most acclaimed movies last year, it is a movie full of horror and mystery about a young man who is African- American in his origin visits his Caucasian girlfriends family estate who seem as very mysterious. Chris with his lovely girlfriend rose goes to visit her parents for the weekend. First, to Chris,  the family seems to be overly accommodated with your behaviour as they never nervously try to deal with his relationship with your daughter but which time when the weekend progresses further, the series of unfortunate and increasing discoveries make him go on the path to find the truth that he’ll never would have imagined in his dreams even. This movie has got diameter rating of 7.7 out of 10 and tomato melee has given at 99%. You can download these best HD movies from movie download websites that provide access to download high quality movies for free.


  1. Lady Bird
Best Movies of 2017
5 Best Movies of 2017

this movie got so much appreciation for the cinematic work and well-played characters that showed true rawness.  With 8.1 IMDB rating out of 10 and 99% Tomatometer rating, the movie has won quite some awards as well. The movie is about Californian high school girl that has a complicated relationship with her mother and has a newly out of job father. Her mother constantly tries to push her to do better as she believes she has that in her. Her chaotic out of balance life makes the story even more interesting. She plans on leaving the city far behind so she can go to a good college and run away from her family.  Sairosse Ronan has done an exceptional work in this movie as the lady bird.

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  1. IT


This movie instantly became a big hit. This movie released in early 2017 is full of drama horror and thriller with the IMDb rating of 7.6 out of 10 and tomato metre has rated it 85%. This movie is based in a small town where a group of 7 children known as the losers club that deals with their own set of personal problems come face to face together with more problems in their lives, bullies, and the monster called the penny-wise that takes the shape of a clown and steals away the children. This group of the bullied kids bands together when this shapeshifting demon starts taking shape of a clown and begins hunting the children taking away the brother of one of the members of the group.  This movie was also critically well praised for the outstanding performances given by the child actors and for playing the pennywise clown so well. There are many movie downloading websites where you can find these full HD movies free for download.


  1. Coco
Best Movies of 2017
5 Top Movies of 2017

This animated movie wasn’t something to miss if you appreciate a good work of Cinema.

This movie is a full package of adventure, thrill and comedy that is about an aspiring musician, Miguel who is confronted with his family’s ban on the music which is dearest to his heart. So he enters the ‘Land of the Dead’ to find his great-great-grandfather who is a legendary singer and to prove his talent desperately. He finds this land to be absolutely stunning and colorful and soon starts the mysterious chain of events. With a charming trickster Hector that becomes his friend, together they set off on an extraordinary unbelievable journey to help unlock the real story about the family’s ban on the music.  This beautiful work of art has 8.8 IMDB Rating out of 10, highest in all of the above and 97% Tomatometer rating. Earlier, we share a post on best movie download sites, you can visit those sites for free full HD movies download.


so, this was all about the 5 Best Movies of 2017 that you must watch if you haven’t. You can easily download these movies from our post on best movie download websites. If you think we have missed you Favourite movie in the list, do let us know via your comments. Waiting for your opinion on the list. We will also write about the best Bollywood movies of 2017. Stay tuned with TECHADVISES.



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