6 Top Cryptocurrencies That Can Be A Good Option: Bitcoin Alternatives

6 best cryptocurrencies

 Top Cryptocurrencies   Bitcoin has without any doubt been a new trendsetter but also has ushered in a different wave of the cryptocurrencies that are actually based on the decentralized network which actually works peer to peer and with this achievement, it has become standard for the cryptocurrencies. The currencies with a bitcoin are collectively called as altcoins and they also have tried their level best that they can present themselves as the upgraded level of the Bitcoin or the upgraded version the bitcoin.


Some of these currencies are actually hard to mine than Bitcoin but they also come with greater risks and lesser liquidity and hence have lesser acceptance and value in the market but the Bitcoin prices are also really high so we have brought you to look at the six best cryptocurrencies that are actually picked from over 700 cryptocurrencies that could actually be a good option for you.

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6 Top Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin

Below is the list of the 6 best Cryptocurrencies to invest in. After researching more about them you can plan to invest money in them. But keep in mind you need to have full knowledge and have to be aware.

  1. Litecoin

Litecoin price

First on our list of Top Cryptocurrencies is Litecoin. Also called as LTC, it was launched in the year 2011 and was also among the very first cryptocurrencies that were following the Bitcoin. It was offered referred as ‘silver to the Bitcoin’s gold’. It was created by Charlie Lee who was a former Google engineer.

The basic principle of the Bitcoin is that it is an open source Global Payment network that does not have any controlling authority and uses scrypt which is a proof of work and can be recorded very easily with the CPU’s of the consumer grade.  Unlike the Bitcoin,  it has a faster block generation rate and so faster confirmation of the transaction and it has recently become very popular among the merchants.


  1. Ethereum
Ethereum Coin
Ethereum Coin

Second in our list of Top Cryptocurrencies is the Ethereum. It is also called ‘ETH’ and it was launched in 2015 and is a decentralized software platform point.  It enables smart contracts and the distributed applications that can be run without any fraud or control or any interference or without any downtime too. In the year 2014, it had launched pre-sale Ether which actually had received such warm response.  The applications that are run on it a platform specific and cryptographic token.  Ether is actually like a vehicle which helps to move around the platform so it can be used to codify to send, secure and to decentralize anything that one wants to. But in the year 2016, it has split into Ethereum and Ethereum classic and today comes after Bitcoin with the capitalization of around dollars 1.4 billion.

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  1. Zcash (ZEC)
top cryptocurrencies
6 Top Cryptocurrencies

Next, in our list of Top Cryptocurrencies comes the Zcash, ZEC. It is a decentralized and open source cryptocurrency that was launched in the Cryptocurrency market at the end of the year 2016. Zcash (ZEC) actually office the privacy and also the selective transparency of the multiple transactions. It claims that it can provide extra security or extra privacy under which all the transactions are actually recorded and so also published on a blockchain but the most integral part of its working is that the details such as the sender or the recipient or the amount exchanged will always remain private. Zcash also offers its many users the simple choice of the shielded transactions which further or loss for the encryption of the content just by using the feature of the advanced cryptographic techniques or technique of the zero-knowledge proof construction which was developed by its own team. Zcash states that if Bitcoin is like HTTP for the money, then it is the https.

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best Cryptocurrencies

Also called as ‘XRP‘,  it is a real-time Global settlement network that offers instant and low-cost payments internationally too. It enables to settle cross-border payments with high transparency and much lower cost. It was released in the year 2012 and now it has the market capitalization of around 126 million dollars. It has a simple method of the confirmation actually does not need mining a feature that actually tablets from the Bitcoin and the old coins and because it does not require mining should also decrease the usage of the computing power and press the network latency. The principle of the ‘ripple’ is to distribute value in is a powerful way to incentivize certain behaviors and so it currently has the plans of distributing the XRP mainly through the development business themes to those providers who shall give tight roots for the payments and to those buyers which are interested in investing in XRP.


  1. Monero (XMR)

best cryptocurrencies

Monero is one secure private and open source cryptocurrency that was launched in the Cryptocurrency market in the April of 2014 but soon reached great interest among many of the Cryptography communities and multiple enthusiasts find the development of the Moon arrow is completely community-driven and based on the donations. It has been launched with such a strong focus on the scalability and the decentralization that has now enabled the principle of the complete privacy to all its users by using the feature called the ‘Ring signatures’ where there are a group of cryptographic signatures including at least one ring participant but because this feature makes that appear all valid, the real one cannot be ever isolated. So, this was one of the 6 best Cryptocurrencies to invest money in.


  1. Dash

Last but not the least in our list of 6 best Cryptocurrencies is Dash. Dash was launched in January of 2014 and is actually a secretive version of the Bitcoin point it is also known as the coin originally as it offers more anonymity as works on the principle of decentralized master code network that helps make all the transactions mostly and traceable.The dash has actually experienced such an increasing fan following in a very short span of time and has become very popular among the cryptocurrency uses users. It was created and developed by event Evan Duffield and in 2015, it was actually rebranded to dash but this rebranding didn’t change any of the technical features that came initially with it like that Darksend or instantX.

So, this was all about the Top Cryptocurrencies that you can invest in. They can be a good option for you and as well as the best Bitcoin alternatives in the cryptocurrency market.



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