Lifeguard Drone Little Ripper saves lives of 2 boys in Australia

Lifeguard Drone Little Ripper

Lifeguard Drone Saves Lives   A Lifeguard drone saves the lives of 2 boys in Australia. A Lifeguard drone designed by Little Ripper was launched by a lifeguard supervisor who was noticed the 2 boys in danger. Wasting no more time, the lifeguard supervisor quickly launched the Lifeguard Drone which dropped a floatation device to the boys so that they could be saved.

The two boys, aged between 16-17 were swimmers who got into trouble off the coast of Lennox Head, New South Wales (NSW).

The Lifeguard supervisor was Jai Sheridan who saw the 2 boys in trouble and launched this Lifeguard Drone to save their lives.


Watch Lifeguard Drone Saving Swimmers Video Below:–


This act of rescue has been praised by John Barilaro, the state’s deputy premier. He said, “Never before has a drone fitted with a flotation device been used to rescue swimmers like this.” The whole incident has been smartly captured by the Lifeguard Rone’s camera.

Life Guard Drone Little Ripper
Life Guard Drone Little Ripper     img source: BBC



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News Source: BBC 

Featured Image source: BBC News

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