Apple iPhone sales comes down in China: Jumps from top 3 to top 4 position

Apple falls to 4 th position from the 3rd position out of top 10 best selling mobiles in China

Apple iPhone sales comes down in China:   Apple is facing a tough time in China as it has seen a downfall in its position. The top brand has jumped from the top 3 position if mobiles in China to the 4 th position. Apple is now longer a choice of the China public. It is no longer in the list of top 3 mobile choices in China. Apple iPhone sales comes down in China suddenly.

The news has been confirmed by the International Data Corporation (IDC) and the Counterpoint Technology Market Research
But the good news is that it is still on the top five positions I.e. in the list of Top 10 best selling mobiles in China.

The Apple brand has been left behind by the top brands of China by Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo. And the stats is so good that out of every two mobiles bought in China is from these 3 top brands of China namely Huawei, Oppo , and Vivo.

Top Reasons for downfall of Apple iPhone sales in China

Stats Showing How Apple iPhone sales comes down in China

Apple iPhone sales comes down in China
Apple iPhone sales comes down in China in 2017: Comes to fourth position

In this section, we will tell you why Apple iPhone sales comes down in China. The reason for the downfall in the sales of iPhone mobiles can be said that people do not upgrade to the newer iPhone models so fast. And this thing has led to a massive decline in the sales of the Apple iPhones in China which used to be placed in the top slot of Top 3 favorite phones in China. The thing is the Chinese customers are also waiting for the release of the new iPhone model so that they can upgrade to it and this waiting has slowed down the sales process of the top Brand Apple. The Apple CEO Tim Cook also talked on the matter on an international level. Now understand why Apple iPhone sales comes down in China.


Why Apple iPhone sales comes down in China

If we talk about Samsung it is also losing the race in China. Though the company had released Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus but still the sales of Samsung phones in China is not that good. Samsung is at the 6th position in the Top 10 Best selling mobiles in China. This is a bad news for Samsung. Though the company is doing good in India if we talk about the sales but it is not performing well in China.



Huawei, Oppo and Vivo are enjoying the top 3 best mobiles choices in China. People are loving the handsets made by these companies more than the ones by Samsung and Apple.

 Apple needs to release the newer model to come up in the Top 3 position again. Maybe the newer model helps Apple in gaining back its previous position.

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