Facebook Update: Facebook Launches Facebook Watch for Videos

Facebook watch

Facebook Watch for Videos

Facebook is one of the most used social media platform. And in the past few years it has become one of the faourite and common social media platform. Almost every other person has his or her account on Facebook. Right? Facebook is all about interaction: Interacting with your friends, school friends, college friends, family members and with those who lives far off from you. Facebook keep bringing new updates to make the platform more entertaining and exciting.

Recently Facebook has launched the Facebook Watch and shows tab for all the facebook users. This Facebook watch video tab will show you a list of most popular and trending videos on the internet. You will see a long list of videos in the feed section which you can buffer easily. Facebook and Google works on the basis of their own search algorithms.

Facebook Watch and Shows Tab

Facebook tracks what type of videos you generally watch. It shows the popular videos from your preferences and choice. Whenever you watch a video it starts saving your preferences and the data. On the top you can see the Watchlist which has a horizontal list of popular videos from your past video preference. You can swipe the list and can choose any video from the list. After that you can notice a section of Top videos for you which has vertical list of playable videos which can be buffered or watched just by clicking on them. This has made your work easy as you will not need to search for popular videos manually when you feel bored. It will save a lot of time of yours.

So,this was all about the Facebook Watch and shows Tab update. Stay tuned with Techadvises for more such tech news and updates.

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