Flying Car is Now a Reality: to be Launched in Dubai

Flying Car

Flying Car is a Reality Now !!

You must have seen Flying Cars in many sci-fiction movies. And sometimes you must have wished to have a drive of this Flying Car. You would not believe but yes the fact is, such a Flying Car is not limited to sci-fi movies. Flying Car has become a reality. Such a car is going to be launched in July 2017 in Dubai. The Flying Car has been designed by a Chinese firm Ehang. SO, it has been named as Ehang 184 Flying Car. The Dubai skies will be adorned with all new technology revolutionising Flying Car. Just imagine enjoying your coffee in your Flying Car lol 🙂 😉 This Flying Car will be a great booster in making smart cities. It will reduce the traffic and congestion on the roads. So now with much ado let us have a brief talk on the Flying Car to be launched in Dubai in July 2017.

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Flying Car
Ehang 184 Flying Car to be Launched in Dubai

Flying Car Tech Specs

Flying Car weight 25o Kg empty and 360 Kg with human

Ground-based Controller 

Touchscreen route map

Weather Sensors



Have a look the Super Amazing Ehang 184 Flying Car Official video. I found it so cool!! and I am sure even you gonna love it 🙂 😉

Source- Ehang


Everything you want to know about the Flying Car

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Flying Car to be Launched in Dubai in July 2017

As we have told you that the Ehang 184 Flying Car is a reality now, we will discuss the tech specs and launch details of the Flying Car. The first test of the Ehang Flying car has been conducted in Dubai under the collaboration of RTA(Road Transport authority) and the Chinese firm Ehang.


They conducted the first test of the AAV Flying Car. AAV stands for Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. The Ehang 184 Flying Car will be able to carry a human too. So be ready to have the ride experience of this cool Flying Car. The Ehang 184 Flying Car was being exhibited at the Government Summit in Dubai and the RTA chief has confirmed the launch date of the Ehang Flying car.


Many tests have been conducted on the Ehang 184 Flying Car. They are doing everything to make sure that the Ehang 184 Flying car gets launched in by July 2017 confirmed Mattar AI Tayer, director of the RTA.

Flying Car
Ehang 184 Flying Car to be Launched in Dubai

The Ehang 184 Flying Car has a touchscreen fitted before the passenger seat. It has predefined routes and a route map to set your destination. Ehang Flying Car displays the map in the form of dots. The Passenger can choose one of the destinations. After selecting the route the Ehang Flying Car will start its automatic functioning. You can then land to your desired destination. To control and for surveillance purpose, the Flying Car will have a control center on the ground. The first run of the Flying Car is in the implementation of the Vice President, Sheikh Mohammed bin Al Maktoum and PM of UAE & it is said that this Ehang 184 Flying Car will be a revolution.

Flying Car
Flying Car is Now a Reality

The Ehang 184 Flying Car will be fitted with 8 propellers for smooth flight and landing of the Ehang 184 Flying Car. It has a combination of installed systems and if any problem occurs in the first propeller other propellers will come into action.


Talking about the flying speed and capability of the Dubai Flying car, it will have a maximum speed of 160-170 kph and you can enjoy the flying ride for 30-35 minutes.  But the initial standard limit in Dubai will be set to 100kph. The Ehang 184 Flying car weighs 250 Kg and with the passenger, Flying Car will weigh around 360 Kg. This Flying Car can reach up to a height of 3000 feet and it would take about 2 hours to charge the super cool flying gadget.

Flying Car
Flying Car to be launched in July 2017, Dubai

The Ehang 184 Flying Car will work under all the climatic conditions but not in the thunderstorm. Many sensors have been added in the Ehang Flying Car. The Flying Car sensors will let you know the changes in weather.

For Control and coordination, 4G network will be used for the Flying Car. It will use the LTE technology. Isn’t that cool ?? 🙂 😉


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So this was all about the Ehang 184 Flying Car. Now the Flying Car is no more an imagination. Now people there will not wait in hours of traffic jams and can reach their destination on time. It was Deepak Kumar here to talk on the Ehang 184 Flying Car to be launched in Dubai in the month of July 2017.


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