Google Launches Google Shopping in India: Everything You Want To Know

Google Shopping Website
Google has geared up to make your shopping experience better. Google has recently launched Google Shopping in India. It is basically a kind of shopping search engine which will help you easily search products on the internet.  The shopping experience has been launched on three various options or platforms. Google search the Google lens app on smartphone device and Google has also provided us separate shopping page with the extension

How Google Shopping Will Improve Shopping Experience

The main motto behind launching Google shopping is to make your shopping experience better will Google shopping you can read reviews, see various products easily and your product search becomes easy. On the home page, there is a horizontal shopping search bar which reads what are you looking for? Google shopping you can read reviews of the products from different retailers. You can check out the best price available for that product. This will save your time and your workload of separately searching that product on various shopping websites like Amazonand Flipkart.

Google Shopping Video: Google Retail

There are thousands of retailers available on the home page and you can easily select the best price of the products. not just ride it will also provide you the price drop rating and reviews of the products. can you click on a particular product it will take you to the prices of the product from different retailers and you can choose which price suits your budget. It will show you all the products category wise some of the popular categories are electronics health and beauty skin care. Google has also launched Google Retail available at the extension, where all the merchant list and add their products to gain more visibility.

How To Sell Products on Google Shopping

How to Sell products on Google merchant centre
How to Sell products on Google Shopping center
How to sell products on Google Shopping
How to sell products on Google Shopping
To sell your product on Google you need to add your product in the Google Merchant Centre after that you will create a campaign in Google ads. The first step to do so as to set up a merchant Centre account so that you can easily upload your products. You need to add all the products details which are required for a better shopping experience of the user. After that, you can advertise your product by running a shopping campaign in Google ads. You need to verify the ownership of your e-commerce site you are adding in Google Shopping.
The benefit of adding the products in Google shopping is that it will provide you with more visibility and will showcase your product to millions of buyers available online. India is already considered a good market for E-Commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon.
So, this was all about Google Shopping. It will make your shopping experience better as you can see the best price of products you want to buy and can read reviews about the same product of different merchants.

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