Noko WordPress Theme Review | Version 0.0.6 [ Free Download ]

Noko Theme
Noko WordPress Theme
The best thing about WordPress is that it is free of cost and open source. You do not have to pay anything to use WordPress. With WordPress, website designing and development has become very easy.  Gone are those days when you needed to be dependent on learning programming or coding for developing a website. WordPress has made the task very simple. WordPress is one of the most used Content Management System nowadays. A large percentage of the websites are being developed on WordPress.   Be it ShoutMeLoud of Harsh Agarwal, of Amit Agarwal etc. all are built on WordPress Platform only. There are a lot of things available in WordPress. A lot of themes and plugins are available for free in WordPress and you do not have to pay anything to use that theme on your WordPress blog. Today in this article we will talk about Noko WordPress Theme.
Noko is a basic elegant theme which has been designed by Vikrant Singh Chauhan It has a simple user interface. The theme has a very simple design and the and the post of peon the format of a card. With this appearance accessing the post become very easy. You can display a large number of post on the homepage. Talking about the featured image the featured image appears on the homepage with the simple description of the post and its title.

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Download Noko Theme for WordPress


Features of WordPress Theme Noko

How to install Noko theme


Simple User Interface:  Noko Theme has a simple user interface and it is easy to use. All the functionalities are smooth. Even a newbie can use this theme and can easily set it up on his or her blog.

Free To Use:  The best thing about the WordPress Theme Noko is that you do not have to pay for it. Generally, a paid premium theme starts from 50$  but Noko Theme is free to use.

Elegant Design:  The theme Noko has an elegant and beautiful design. The posts on the blog appear in the form of cards. The look of the home page looks appealing after installing Noko.

More Posts Can be Showcased:   With Noko theme, you can share display more posts on a single page. This brings more eyes to your posts and increases the chance of getting more views on more posts.

How to Download Noko WordPress theme

1. Go to
2. Look out for the theme section on
3. Type Noko in the search box
4. Click on the Noko Theme Window >> open it from the drop-down
5. You will notice a download button on the right-hand side on the top
6. Click on the download button and you are done

 How to install Noko WordPress Theme

First of all, we will tell you how to install NOKO WordPress theme directly from your blog’s dashboard. We will also tell you how to upload the theme directly from your computer.
1. Click on the Appearance option on the left hand side of your WordPress blog dashboard
2. Look for the option themes in the dropdown menu
3. This will open up all the things installed on your WordPress blog till now
4. You will notice the small ‘Add new’ button on the page
5. Type Noko in the search button to find the Noko theme.
6. The theme will open up in the window
7. Click on the install button to install logo on your WordPress blog. Then Click on the Activate button to activate the theme on your blog.
8. When the theme is installed with the customize button you can customize the features and functions of the theme
9. You are done now enjoy your theme.


How To Install Noko Theme by Upload Method (Zip File )

1. Open The Appearance Section of the Blog Dashboard
2. Go to Themes >> Add New Button
3. Click on The Upload button on the top.
4. Locate the .zip file of Noko which you downloaded from the
5. The Theme will be uploaded and then you can customize the features according to your choice.
6. Now sit back and enjoy the theme.
So, this was all about the WordPress Theme Noko. Hope now you have understood how to install Noko on WordPress blog. If you have any queries regarding the theme installation ask us in the comments section below. Stay Tuned with Techadvises or more updates on WordPress, Blogging guide and WordPress Tutorials.

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