GTA 7 Could Have a Renewed Focus on Location and Character Representation

GTA 7 Game: What It is Going to Have

GTA 7 Game:  Rockstar has been at the center of a number of speculations ever since the turn of 2016, when rumors started doing the rounds about the developer’s champion franchises. But while official updates were given out about the developer’s Western action adventure series, nothing at all has been said about the next main entry in the GTA series, popularly touted as GTA 6. So while some tend to think that it is way too early to talk about what might follow in the famed GTA franchise after the game mentioned above, a bunch of rumors has already started appearing about GTA 7. In this post, we will talk about the GTA 7 game and What all it may have. 

This might come as a surprise to many, as reports suggest that Rockstar is having trouble with GTA 6 itself. But some suggest that that might also because they are working on developing two games at the same time. So does that mean that GTA 6 and GTA 7 will be intrinsically connected in terms of the story? That is hard to tell at the time, but who knows. At the time, however, we want to focus on the possibilities of GTA 7 after GTA 6 comes out, and what features it might carry.

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First off, why do we think GTA 7 is an inevitability? Well, because it is not characteristic of Rockstar simply to give up on a rather lucrative franchise due to financial difficulties. And we are not just speculating here either. During an earnings call in 2016, before the fate of Red Dead Redemption 2 was still a mystery, Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive had acknowledged that they saw the Red Dead series as well as the GTA franchise to be their most prominent names. So it certainly does not make sense to think that they would pull a premature plug on Grand Theft Auto anytime soon. Sure, GTA 7 might take a lot of time to surface- years even- but that does not mean we are not getting it.

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Upcoming Features of GTA 7

Now coming to what all features we can expect to see in the upcoming game GTA 7 that Rockstar is rumoredly ideating on at present, it is a matter of certainty that the game would be a massive improvement over GTA 5 alone, but GTA 6 too. Considering that we don’t know much official news about GTA 6, it would be hard to say what the next game could come with. However, thanks to the rumor mills, we can take a few stabs in the dark.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about a GTA game has to be its location, and with speculations suggesting that GTA 6 might go pan-American, we think GTA 7 has the possibility of going global to appeal to a wider gamer-base. What this means is that the new game might take place on an entirely new continent. Our guess is Asia, a huge area that is home to almost all different types of geographical landscapes.

Besides the location, one more thing we would love to see in GTA 7 is a bit of maturity in handling the characters, especially the female ones. We already know that GTA 6 is supposed to come with a female protagonist alongside male counterparts, and Rockstar has in the past shown that they can treat female characters way more sensibly in the original Red Dead Redemption game. So it is about time that female characters in GTA 7 should be included not as a novelty alone, but actual flesh and blood people who love to feel the wind in their hair.

There is no telling if Rockstar is mulling over these specific ideas for GTA 7, but considering how far they have come in the gaming business, it is certain that their thoughts about the future of the series are way ahead of ours. So speculations aside, we hope to hear something about both GTA 6 and its sequel, GTA 7, sometime soon.

So, this was all about the GTA 7 game and its expected features. This was Riya Dey here. Hope you liked the post. If you have anything to say about the GTA 7 game , comment below. 

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