Top 10 Future Eco Technology Trends

Future Eco Technology Trends


Technology is a wonderful thing, it has made our lives easier, provided us with convenience after convenience, and now it’s helping us with our efforts to go green. Yes, eco-technology has finally arrived and there are a few trends that you can’t afford to miss out on. Just check out these awesome eco-tech solutions.


  1. Energy Conversion

What better way to convert energy than by harnessing the ocean’s thermal energy? It’s the biggest collector of solar power on earth, so why wouldn’t we take advantage of that? It turns out that the US Department of Energy wants to, saying the ocean is absorbing enough heat to produce the same energy as 250 billion oil barrels. That’s on a daily basis! When you consider that the US only consumes less than 8 billion barrels daily that’s a pretty impressive conversion rate.


 2.Smartphone Charging In Seconds

How many seconds? How does 30 sound? That’s right, the future may just be delivering you technology that will save you from hanging around near the only plug in the house. That means you don’t need to worry about frayed cables, or your phone exploding as you play with it while it is still charging. It won’t just be phones that benefit from this, a variety of rechargeable devices will, thanks to the eco-friendly and budget-friendly nanodots.


 3.Make Your Own Oil

Well, not you personally. However, it turns out that just about any carbon-based (waste) product can be used to create oil. That means cans, tires, and even the guts of a turkey! The process is known as thermo-depolymerisation and it acts much like nature does to produce oil, however, this process is far quicker and more eco-friendly. Around a tonne of turkey guts can produce 600 pounds of oil. Wow.


4.Floating Cities

The world has a slight problem with overpopulation and there is one major solution that we have overlooked so far. The majority of the world is covered in water, so why not take advantage of that by creating floating cities? This eco-friendly solution is already in play, with cities expected to be entirely self-sufficient when it comes to transportation, parks, food, and energy. That means no imports that contribute to the breakdown of the environment and eco-friendly transportation on the city itself.


 5.Salt Removal

The United Nations predict that a lack of water will affect billions of people by 2050, so why not take further advantage of the ocean water? Of course, there’s one big problem with that… salt water. However, by putting it through a desalination process to remove the minerals and salts from it, ocean water can provide billions of people with water they wouldn’t have been able to drink otherwise. For now, the process is expensive and requires a lot of energy, but keep your eyes peeled because scientists are working hard to improve the process and make it an eco-friendly solution.



This technology is upon us and Samsung is on top of the game. It’s more durable than steel and more flexible than silicon and can be used for a variety of solutions, including wearables and flexible displays.


 7.H Power

H Power (or hydrogen fuel) is being touted as the pollution-free alternative to fossil fuels. The cells are created by combining oxygen with hydrogen and the process itself generates electricity. The problem lies with obtaining hydrogen. For now, the process requires harnessing the power of other energy sources which does defeat the purpose. However, it’s a hot upcoming trend that scientists are working toward to deliver. The technology is young.


 8.The Bionic Arm

What could be better than an arm that functions just as your physical arm would? Your mind would control it and electrical signals from the muscles would trigger its use. This arm has been in the works for almost a decade and has FDA approval in the US. It’s known as the Deka Arm. With this, amputees will have far more independence as the arm will function much like their biological one did, down to unzipping their jeans, eating, opening a door or even an envelope.


 9.The Sun

Solar power has become incredibly popular over the last few decades, especially with many regions offering amazing rebates on energy bills and beyond. As the popularity of this spreads expect to see it your region and when it does arrive, make sure you take advantage of the incentives available.


 10.Harnessing the Tides and Waves

We’ve already mentioned taking advantage of the ocean and the sun together, but let’s not forget about what the waves can do for us. This energy can be redirected to turbines turning mechanical power into electricity. The key to this is storing the energy when the waves are at their strongest to make up for smaller wave cycles. It’s being tested now in the US and in Portugal.


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