Wireless Charging: Now you can charge and run your electrical appliances without wires and cords

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging: A new invention !!

Wireless Charging:  Now you will be able to charge any electrical object without the need of electrical wires and cords. Yes, you heard it right!! A new way has been developed to charge up and use electrical appliances without the need for cords and wires. This innovative method has been developed by the Scientists at the Disney Research. Isn’t that cool?? In this post, we will tell you all about Wireless Charging and how you can use wireless charging to charge your electrical appliances with Wireless Charging.

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This new invention of Wireless Charging is amazing as it eliminates the need for the wires and cords and now electrical devices can be charged and used without them. This new way of Wireless Charging let you charge your mobile phones,  lights of the house and other electrical appliances.

Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging: Charge and run your electrical appliances without wires and cords

This new invention or method of Wireless Charging will make the use of electrical appliances without the cords and wires and It becomes very similar to the Wi-Fi. Without connecting the electrical appliances to any power source you can use charge them up with the method of Wireless Charging and power them up!! This research was done at a lab in Disney Research Center in the US. Alanson Sample is the lab director and also the principal research Scientist at the Disney Research Lab.

This invention of Wireless Charging lies under the wireless transmission of power. Scientists had been working on it for a long time and now they have become successful. This new way of Wireless Charging devices will also help a lot in designing new applications for the robots and at the same times, it removes the need to replace their batteries and the wires.

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Scientists at the Disney Research center says that they can use the innovative method of Wireless Charging in many things. This will help them in wireless transmission of power to electrical devices.

Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging: Charge and run your electrical appliances without wires and cords

Though many scientists have tried their methods on Wireless Charging and thinking in the wireless power transmission but they were not successful. They could not find a fruitful method of doing so. Even today wireless transmission is done but it needs charging pads and stands and this method works only for very short distances.


Now we will explain to you how this method works to charge the devices wirelessly. So this method is called as QSCR – Quasistatic Cavity Resonance. Now let us understand the working of the QSCR. This innovative method will induce electrical currents in the metallised walls, floor and also the ceiling of the room and this in turn generate magnetic fields that will be formed in the room. And now this will let the power generated to be transmitted to the devices with coils that have the same resonating frequency as the magnetic field have.

This method of Wireless Charging makes use of the capacitors. And after conducting the demo experiment and applying the method scientists says that they are able to generate 19 Kilo Watts of the Power and also meets the laid safety guidelines. And you will be shocked to know that this amount of power can charge up to 315(approx.) smartphones.

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The experiment in Wireless Charging was conducted by the research scientists and a room pf 16x 16 was chosen by them will aluminum walls, floors and the ceiling of the room. In the experiment of Wireless Charging, a copper pole was also placed in the center of the room and devices were put in the room which got charged. Scientists say that the devices at low MHz frequency can also receive the wireless power anywhere in the room.

So, this was all about the Wireless Charging and how you can charge your electrical devices with the help of Wireless Charging. This was DEEPAK KUMAR here to talk about the Wireless Charging and the methods of wireless power transmission.

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