Understanding Different Types of WordPress Hosting

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One of the most confusing things when starting your online business is choosing the right hosting service for your website. This task can be simplified if you decide to have a WordPress website, as the most logical solution in such a situation is to choose WordPress Hosting. But lo and behold, right when you thought that everything had magically solved itself, you realize that WordPress Hosting is not as simple as it seems to be.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the different types of WordPress Hosting  which will help you to choose the right one depending on your needs.


First Step:

The first thing you as a website owner would have done is maybe identified different WordPress Hosting providers and checked out their various offerings. However, after browsing through them you might have come across words like Shared, VPS, Cloud, etc. only to be confused! Well for one, aren’t these supposed to be individual hosting services? If yes, what are they doing attached to WordPress Hosting?


To make things simple, let us dissect each hosting individually and compare them. This way you not only understand what to choose now but also what to choose if/ when you wish to upgrade.


The Basic Four:

For our benefit, we will consider all the four types of WordPress Hosting and help you figure out which is the best one for your website.

  1. Shared WordPress Hosting
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) WordPress Hosting
  3. Dedicated WordPress Hosting
  4. Cloud based WordPress Hosting


  1. Shared WordPress Hosting:

WordPress Hosting that is modeled on traditional Shared Hosting. It is the simplest type of all WordPress Hosting and is suitable for new business owners.


In Shared Hosting, one common server is divided amongst multiple websites i.e all the websites share the same server space and resources like CPU, RAM etc. Due to this, the website loading speed is not deterministic and may vary. Shared Hosting is easy to set up, and with the Managed hosting option, the hosting provider would install WordPress for you. Apart from setup, it is the best WordPress Hosting monetarily as it is the cheapest WordPress Hosting.  

However, the only downside to this is the scalability factor. Should your business grow rapidly, scaling your website at the same pace might be a problem. This demands a need to upgrade to some other hosting. Nevertheless, Shared WordPress Hosting is the best for beginners.


  1. VPS based WordPress Hosting:

VPS based WordPress Hosting is ideal for websites receiving medium traffic. One of the best features of a VPS based hosting is that it provides an isolated space with individual resources despite all the websites sharing the same server space. Owing to this unique feature, VPS Hosting can be said to have features similar to Dedicated Hosting but at a comparatively lower cost.  


With VPS based hosting you have far more options of customizing your web space and faster website loading time. It is reliable and offers good security and stability. However, when your business grows and traffic increases, scalability becomes an issue if the resources you have aren’t proving to be sufficient.


When it comes to comparing it with the Shared Hosting, VPS based WordPress Hosting is works better, especially for an SMB. Though when the time comes you have to upgrade to another hosting.


  1. Dedicated WordPress Hosting:

Dedicated WordPress Hosting is suitable for website having very high traffic. With this type of hosting, you don’t need to share your hosting resources with anyone else.


One of the prime benefits of Dedicated WordPress Hosting is that since you have the server all to yourself, you need not worry about security, stability as well as the speed of the website.


Apart from this you can even customize the server based on what you need and scale it as and when you need. Also, since this hosting gives you control of the entire server it is the costliest of all. However, Dedicated WordPress Hosting is for you only when you are running a large scale business with heavy  traffic and generate enough revenue.


  1. Cloud based WordPress Hosting:

Cloud based WordPress Hosting is one hosting service that caters to everyone irrespective of them having low or high traffic. With Cloud based WordPress Hosting you get seamless integration and server usage and your website is highly stable as it hardly faces any downtime. This is because, with Cloud based hosting, several servers are interconnected to each other and when one server goes down,  another can replace it instantaneously. With Cloud based WordPress hosting you can also easily scale and upgrade your plan depending on the traffic spike on your website.


Out of all the hosting services, I prefer Cloud based WordPress Hosting from ResellerClub because of its several added advantages. Apart from easy scaling and various plans, it provides features like Automatic WordPress Updates that keep your website secure from hackers and Website Backup, in case of any loss of data. At the end it is perfect, because it gives you a good mix of both VPS and Dedicated platforms.


Closing Comments:

By now, I hope you have a better idea about which is the best WordPress Hosting plan for your website. Before choosing any plan just keep in mind if the chosen plan, provides you good security, scalability, support and speed. If the answer to most of these is a yes, then you know which to go for.


Hope this post helped you in making an informed decision. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below.


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