6 Best iOS Emulator for PC (Windows ) to enjoy iOS Apps [2018]

iOS Emulator for PC

Best iOS Emulator for PC   If you ever wish to use an iOS app but do not have an iPhone, well we will tell you as how to use iOS apps on Windows. This can be done using the iOS Emulator that can be available for the Windows platform. Using this iOS Emulator for PC you can enjoy all the iOS apps that one can only access on an iPhone.

Before we talk about the Best iOS Emulator for PC, first we need to know about the iOS Emulator. It enables the computer system which is known as the host that behaves like any another Operating System, called as the Guest. So the iOS simulator will actually enable the windows based computer to emulate the iOS-based device through certain specific programmes that have been specially created for this purpose. So through the use of these emulators, the app developers can so test their programmes as well before coming out with commercial versions of the same and also to allow the window users to use these towards the iOS games or the apps to create iOS apps on their PC’s.


iOS emulator Vs. iOS simulator

Stimulator actually works as mimicking the software and the hardware found on the corresponding devices and the simulator for the study and the analysis. It is just software based, unlike the emulator. But the emulator is used as a substitute for a particular device to get the exact same results. So emulator can actually be stated as a combination of the hardware and the software so providing so much more of a realistic behaviour than the simulator. So emulator is a much better choice.


Why use iOS emulator?

The various advantages of the emulator is the proof that there are multiple emulators more coming in use. The best part about using the emulator is that these emulators can be used during the development process for testing many apps. Also, they very easily facilitate the users to experience an OS that they could not afford otherwise and these emulators can also be very easily run on the multiple devices. Also, another great thing about using the emulators is that they first let the undecided customers have a look and themselves feel the actual experience.

But it is very important to find the best emulator for one’s personal use. Ao one can also very easily select the best iPhone emulator for Windows PC.


Top 6 Best iOS Emulator for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Nintendo 3DS Emulator (top ios emulators for windows pc)

iOS emulator for PC

Are you a gaming freak? Nintendo is the leader in the gaming world.  It is also one of the best iOS Emulator for PC Windows. Nintendo 3DS Emulator is the best iPhone Emulator for PC especially for playing iOS Games on a Windows PC . You can easily download this iOS emulator for computer and enjoy your favourite iOS apps and run all types of games using this Nintendo 3Ds Emulator. Even it supports some of the 3-D based games. Nintendo 3DS Emulator is the best iOS Emulator for Windows PC 7/8/8.1/10.

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MobiOne Studio (best iOS Emulator for  PC)

It is actually considered to be one of the most versatile and most easy to use a type of software that actually very easily allows the different users to emulate the various iOS apps with ease. This app actually has been downloaded till now more than half a million users since it was launched in 2009 and because it has such multiple and unique qualities like the customised user interface and like use the drag and drop function for both of the portrait and landscape orientations.


iPhone Simulator

iOS emulator for PC

This app works on the flash and so is considered among the most advanced and brilliant apps. However this app doesn’t give access to some crucial iPhone apps like the App store or like the Safari Browser, it is still quite handy when it comes to having an access to the other more popular apps like the Notepad or the Clock or even the calculator. It is quite handy for those who want to have an experience with the iOS environment.


AirPhone Emulator

best iOS Emulator for PC

AirPhone Emulator is the best iOS Emulators for Windows PC and other OS. But make sure that before installing AirPhone Emulator on your computer you install the Adobe Air software on your system. The thing is that AirPhone emulator makes a replica of the iPhone and then you can enjoy all the iPhone apps on Windows PC. So, what are you waiting for? download this Best iOS Emulator and or for PC Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10.



iOS Emulator for Windows

Smartface is one of the best apps to use here. It let’s one to use and develop different apps such free of cost. Once the iOS has been emulated onto the Windows device, then the developers can very easily develop their apps through the interface on easy steps. It is very easy to use and for that, one just needs to download the app on the host’s device from the app store and then just connect it to the Windows system. However, it is important that the windows system does have the iTunes as well so that then these two can sync with each other as well. As an app developing software, it is actually quite adept at providing the users to simply test the application so easily in various of the environments. There is also a feature that comes with it that can so very easily debug the apps with the very useful debugging features that do the work so very effortlessly. SO, this was one of the best iOS emulator for PC for Windows 8/8.1 and 10.



Appetize. io

iOS Emulator for PC
best iOS Emulator for PC

Appetize.io is one of the best iOS emulators for the windows. It is, however, cloud-based emulator and also you can not download it in your PC/ Computer. It was first called as iPhone emulator known as the App.io but it is however not available anymore. But if you are looking for an alternative,  then Appetize. io is the best try. To use it, you just need to upload. ipa file in the upload form and then can enter your email address after which you shall get a link in your mail inbox.  Then one just needs to click on test your .ipa file in the Appetize. io online emulator.

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top iPhone app Emulator
best iOS Emulators for Windows

Is a software programme for the Pc’s that run on Windows XP or can launch an alternative desktop that looks like iPad screen. Even the free version of the iPadian can let you have the basic iOS feel and be having access to the customized store as well in the free version and the best part is that it is quite cheap and so affordable too.

.After you have successfully installed the iPadian in your Windows computer, you shall then be able to see the iPadian icon on the desktop.

Then you shall do a double click on the icon of the iPadian and then from their interface, simply just clock on the store. Then you shall have to download your favourite apps from there and very easily enjoy iOS emulator for Pc.


The actual reason that emulators are so useful and efficient in their work is that through the use of these emulators, one can very easily access the virtual iOS apps on their Windows device.  It is also great for so many app developers to test their apps in the Windows systems.So, these were the 6 best iOS Emulator for PC Windows. Hope you like the post! Don’t forget to share this with your friends.


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