Promoting a Student App: Comparisons between Essay Writing & App Description Creation

tips for Student App Developers

In an age where thousands of apps have been developed to help students improve their learning and academic abilities and performances, the importance of good writing skills is as important to students as to the app developer. It is as important for an app developer to create quality app descriptions as for students to create informative and well-written essays like at

So what are some of the tips that student app developers should follow for creating their content that can also provide many insights to students?


Grab the Attention in the Initial Part

When creating your app description for the app store or your webpage, it is important to grab your visitors’ attention in the first 255 characters. That is the initial part of the description that is visible to your visitors. Similarly, for students it is important to create an impressive opening for their essays that grabs the attention of the examiner or evaluator.

This initial part of the app description is known as ‘above the fold’ area that is visible upfront without the need to click or scroll down.  Your visitors are most likely to read further only if this part of your description interests them and offers them value.

  • Convey the value of the app
  • Appeal to the readers’ emotions
  • Show credibility stats like rewards and media recognition

Similarly, the student should explain the purpose of their essay, any statistical figure that intrigues the reader or raises a question, and information that encourages them to read further.


Describe the Problem & Position the App as the Solution


tips for Student App Developers
Tips for Student App Developers

Whether it’s a student app or an essay, it is meant to solve a problem. Depending on what your app does, describe why your app was developed in the first place. It is important that the description makes the students about the app and why they need it.  

For example, there are apps that help students improve their learning or productivity, for providing memory improving tips, improving vocabulary, peer-to-peer interaction, and apps with scientific and graphing calculator and much more. Explain the problem and then describe it to your audience how your app is going to solve it.

Many student apps belong to a class where the problem may not be obvious to the target audience. In that case, you should communicate the message from the very beginning so that your audience can connect better with the solution. In that case, the emphasis should be on solving the problem.


Emphasis on Key Features

An app designed for students is going to have many features. That doesn’t mean that you should highlight all of them. You simply cannot ‘highlight’ all features in the app description. This is similar to the limitations that an essay has. You will have to add the most important and relevant points in an essay that matter the most to the topic and the examiner. Similarly, you should create an app description that emphasizes the most important features that matter the most to your targeted students.

Does your app help students with taking notes? Emphasize the most important features of the app, such as:

  • Saving notes on the cloud
  • Sharing notes with other students and/or instructors
  • Social networking

There will be many other features, but you cannot list them all within the available limit. Other features can include picture capabilities, the option to save on the cloud, and others. Mention features that touch on the core functioning of the app and are of the most use to your target audience.

So when creating content for your app, make the user to follow the above-mentioned tips to drive your target audience to download and use your app.

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  1. I am always confused about how to write app description in a short, creative and well defined way but after reading your article, all my doubts are cleared. Your way of describing and writing the article is awesome. I liked the way you wrote the article. Keep sharing such of stuffs with us. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the appreciation. Stay tuned with Techadvises

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