How To Stay Safe Online | 6 Important Internet Surfing Rules

how to stay safe online

Internet Browsing Tips    Today in the era of the technology we have an easy access to any kind of the information we wish to retrieve regardless of the age of the retriever and all this is possible due to the internet that exists and helps in providing its users the information they need and no  has become easier but in many of the cases the internet has also become really harmful.

Each day, more and more people are getting access to the internet but also the rate of the cyber crime is increasing too and that cannot be ignored. The internet that one is using, how can it make sure that it is safe to use. Should there be any rules of the internet safety that one need to follow while using the internet. So let us tell you important rules to follow while using the internet so as to keep online identity safe and stay away from the hackers and keeping one’s online information secure. Let’s now check some safe Internet browsing Tips.



How To Stay Safe Online | Top Internet Browsing Tips

  1. Use only Secure and Trusted Web Browsers

secure internet browsers
Top Internet browsing Tips

The most found vulnerability is found among the different web browsers. It is very important that one uses only a verified, protected and reputed web browser. For example, Google Chrome or Firefox or Safari or Opera etc., these are some of the known valid protected web browsers. Each one offers some different features but all are verified and trusted web browsers. Know a web browser that is valid and then use it.

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  1. Avoid Weak Passwords

how to be secure online
How to be secure online

It us very important that one  uses a strong password  to ensure the online security. The password should be different and not something that anyone can remember like 1234 or your own personal names or address etc. The password should be really strong that contains characters atleast 8-15 and the password should not be same for all other online accounts as if one of your accounts got hacked there is a possibility that another online account of yours with the same password can get hacked through so make a strong enough password that the cyber criminals are unable to decode and helps you get your online security too.



3. Be Cautious While Transferring Data

how to stay safe online
How to Stay Safe Online | Internet safety tips

Yes, internet is a very great way through which you can very easily share your photos your videos or your ideas to other people but the important thing to know is that once you post something online,  it shall be there forever and even if you delete it, there shall be its existence somewhere as the original file could be deleted but deleting the copies of all those files is next to impossible task so one should be very selective share and should never post something that in the fourth at times might create problems for you.


  1. Avoid Shopping From Non-Secure Websites

People in this era of technology love to shop from online websites to buy food all clothes or gadgets as it is a very easy and convenient way but important things to remember is that when one provides credit cards or debit card details to the site for getting your order,  the information is highly confidential and you would never want that the hackers get in hands on it and so it is important to remember that the financial information should only be provided through very secure Network and a secure network can be easily identified as it contains the HTTPS where the S stand for secure and so whenever you shop online and provide your personal detail,  first check the URL and if it has https then only continue shopping from that website otherwise move on to a new website and drop the idea from buying any stuff from the previous website that is without any HTPPS. Now, let us move on to our next safety tip as on how to stay safe online.

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  1. Read And Think before you Click

    top internet browsing rules
    Internet safety tips

Another important things to remember while using the internet is that would really needs to follow a very secure and safe way of browsing the internet as it is the most common way for the hackers and the spammers to trick the users to tell them their personal information through multiple servers or ads with which they then carry out the harm to the users so just don’t click on any tempting mail or survey that tells that the shall be providing you with a gadget or coupons just by clicking on the advertisement and also to learn to identify the emails that a spam and do not click on the links that you think are suspicious as these links can download something harmful and might even have your system.

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6. Don’t Share Your Personal Details with New Online Friends


Internet is a way through which you can meet so many new people that would not have been possible in real life but it is also important to know that one needs to be really extra cautious when people meeting new people as the best way for the hackers is to first become friends and then be close to that person and later ask for your personal information and personal details so that they can harm them later so always while using the internet shoes the friends very carefully and never ever share your personal information with those who are asking it on the internet sites.

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These were some of the best Internet security tips that you all must follow. Hope now you have understood how to stay safe online ? Don’t forget to share this post with your friends. And if you any query regarding the internet browsing rules, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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