Download Whatsapp video calling update for android/iOS

How to update whatsapp video calling feature


We all know that whatsapp  video calling is now out with new updates which are easily available on Android, iOs and Windows 10 devices. As per whatsapp, learnings from voice calls is going to make video calling to make it super quick and helpful. But the most important thing required before starting a whatsapp video calling  is that you friends should have the same version of the app. The whatsapp video calling will let you connect with your peers on video mode.

Download whatsapp video calling update (Basic requirements)



You can have the access of video calling on devices having Android 1.4 and above. The new feature whatsapp update is out with a very simple update. All it takes is updating your app from the respective app store to use the new feature. All you need to do is go to the chat, click the icon on top right. Choose the whatsapp video calling option, whatsfapp 2016 and you are now ready to have a video call with your friends. There is a little change in the process for iOS users. The video calling icon is just next to the call icon. By tapping on the video symbol the call will begin. The only thing to keep in mind is that there will be an error if you try video calling with a friend who is not having the same update! So the whastapp video calling is possible if both the users have same updates.

Download WhatsApp video call update for Android


We can operate other whatsapp  update features while having a video call. While having a whatsapp video calling , you can choose any side of the camera of the phone i.e rear or front anytime during the call. Over this, the user can also choose if they want the preview of the video as the main image of the call or as incoming video from friend. The call window can also be minimized and other chats can also be operated simultaneously. Moreover, we can send messages to the same person you are having whatsapp video calling with, and the best part is that the call won’t get disconnected. You are free to move the location of the smaller window anywhere you feel like on the screen.

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VIDEO QUALITY in whatsapp video calling update

The quality can be automatically adjusted depending upon the network quality and speed. This is done to ensure that the whatsapp video calls are consistently good in quality and quick every time. And if the network connectivity is degraded, the whatsapp  video calling quality compressed so that the video call continues.

Whatsapp update  does not have any option of separate tab showing the data usage of video calling. But all call data is combined together under one tab in Data usage section in iOS and Android. The minimum data used for a 2 minute call is around 2.4 MB. However, various lags has been notice during the  whatsapp video calling which shows that whatsapp needs to work more on it to improve the quality of whatsapp video calling feature soon.



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Group video calling whatsapp  update feature is not yet out on Whatsapp. But, there are various baleful links which are catching people’s attention to download the same. Those links reads,” You’re invited to try whatsapp video calling feature. Only people with the invitation can enable this feature” . After clicking on these links, it will ask you to give invitation to more friends to activate it on your device. Do not click on such kind of links. Hope this post about whatsapp video calling will prove helpful to you.


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