How to Download Songs and Music from YouTube in MP3 Formats for Mobiles

how to download music from youtube

How to download songs from YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video streaming website of the world. Right? It has a vast collection of video songs that you can enjoy for free on your laptop, PC and mobile phones. As soon as a music video is released there are chances that it first appears on YouTube as compared to other video streaming websites. You can find videos from all Genres. You can also find a larger variety of music on Youtube.

It has a large collection of music be it Sufi songs, DJ, Pop, Album, Remix music etc. You just have to search for your favourite music in youtube and hopefully you will find it over there. There are various video formats for all the videos to enjoy clear videos. Today, in this post we are going to tell you how to download songs from YouTube. We will tell 4 different methods to download music from YouTube. You can easily download YouTube videos in MP3, WAV. AAC and other popular audio formats. So, are you ready? Let us check how to download songs from YouTube on your mobile phones, laptop or PC.

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How to Download Songs from YouTube (MP3/WAV/AAC)


We will discuss 4 methods to download music from YouTube in MP 3, WAV, AAC and other audio formats. Here we go:-


Download Free Music from YouTube Audio Library


how to download songs from Youtube
how to download songs from YouTube

Youtube provides free music, tracks and sound effects that can be downloaded and can be used in your YouTube videos to make them more attractive and catching. These sounds effects can be downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library. There is a huge collection of free music, audio tracks and sound effects to download. You will notice a download icon on the right hand side of the each song. Just click on that download icon and enjoy your audio songs in MP3, WAV or AAC formats. The best thing about the these free music tracks is that they are free to use and will not cause any legal issues because they are provided by YouTube itself.


YouTube to MP3Converter:

You can also make use of the  to convert the Youtube videos songs and music into MP3 audio formats. 

how to download music from YouTube
How to convert Youtube videos in MP3

This is an amazing website that helps you to convert YouTube videos into MP3 songs. Isn’t that amazing? You just have to enter the URL of the YouTube video and then it will automatically convert it into the audio song. Click on the Start button to convert the video. The website supports a lot of  platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo etc

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Use SnapTube YouTube Downloader to download songs from YouTube

download songs from YouTube
how to download music from YouTube

So, these were the websites you can use to download songs and music from YouTube in MP3 formats. But there is another method to download songs from YouTube. You can use SnapTube YouTube Downloader app to download music from YouTube. This is an amazing app which lets you download songs from Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook etc. So, now you can download videos and music from SnapTube YouTube Downloader.


YouTube to MP3 and MP4 Converter

YouTube to MP3 Converter
YouTube to MP3/Mp4 Converter

Now we come to another website which helps you to download and convert Youtube videos into MP3 and MP4 video formats. You just have to enter the Youtube video URL and then you can download songs and music in  Mp3 formats for laptops, mobiles and PCs. This is the best  YouTube to MP3 Converter.

So, these were the 3 methods to convert YouTube videos to MP3. You can easily download songs from YouTube. Don’t forget to share this with others. Stay Tuned with Techadvises.









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