5 Best Car Gadgets and Accessories That you Must Have

Best Car Gadgets

Best Car Gadgets: Why You Need Them

Best Car Gadgets  The significance of a personal vehicle, most preferably a car, is undeniable, be it for a business tycoon or a middle-class government servant. With a lot of affordable yet classy new cars entering the market, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the automobile industry has been on a quest to make driving more comfortable and convenient for all age groups.

As much as the styling and the design of the car affect the comfort of the driver, there are some additional gadgets that can make driving much easier. Sometimes you look for car accessories store near you. Let us look some must-have Car accessories and top 5 Best Car Gadgets. 

5 Best Car Gadgets That You Must Have

Now let us talk about some important must have car accessories. I bet you will find them the Best Car Gadgets. We have written about only 5 car gadgets in this article. We will try to write about more cool car gadgets. Have a Look !!

1- A car charger

Best Car Gadgets
Best Car Gadgets

You can never really have enough ways to keep your smartphone kicking. If you’ve got some emergency calls to make, or you need your phone’s GPS, or you just want to make sure your device lasts through the end of the night, a simple car charger can save you a lot of trouble. The Aukey CC-T6 is just right for the job,

The Aukey CC-T6 is just right for the job, This particular model sits compact and charges fast, with support for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 standard. A Quick Charge 3.0 variant is also available if you’ve got a family’s worth of devices in tow, a four-port unit like this Anker charger could be a more efficient buy.Aukey CC-T6, $14.99, available at Amazon. Anker 9.6A/48W 4-Port USB Car Charger, $16.99, available at Amazon. So, this was one of the 5 Best Car Gadgets and Cool Car Accessories.

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2-A Phone holder

Best Car Gadgets
Must have car accessories: Best Car Gadgets

What would be more convenient than mounting your phone somewhere you can see it all the without having to reach for it while driving. One like the TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent is cheap yet unobstructed while its CD slot-based sibling is a bit sturdier for those who can spare the space.TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent,
$7.99, available at Amazon.TechMatte MagGrip CD Slot Car Mount, $10.99, available at Amazon. This was another of the 5 Best Car Gadgets and Accessories.

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3- A GPS system

Best Car Gadgets
Must have car accessories: Best Car Gadgets

Now, Who wouldn’t like a GPS system?, The GPS system has gained immense popularity
among people of all age, Tho most of the cars now come with an inbuilt GPS system if your
car doesn’t, you can easily get one.like the Garmin Nuvi 55LM.It is basic but affordable and reliable. A GPS system is one of the must have 5 Best Car Gadgets.


4- A Dashcam

Best Car Gadgets
Must have car accessories: Best Car Gadgets

Public privacy concerns aside, a dash cam is good to have on hand if you’re worried about
having footage to present for any future accidents. TheRexing V1 would do the job with utmost perfection and sincerity it’s relatively compact, captures 1080p video, and has
received positive feedback on Amazon. Rexing V1, $99.99, available at Amazon.

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5- A Bluetooth Car Kit

cool car gadgets
Must have car accessories: Best Car Gadgets

To use your phone while driving is always a risk to ensure your safety you should definitely
have a look into a Bluetooth car kit. the iClever01 is a cheap, convenient way to a

Bluetooth functionality to your car, which in turn lets you wirelessly stream music, make
hands-free calls, talk to assistants like Google Now or Siri, and the like. (Provided you have
an aux-in port.) We’ve praised it before. If you’re mostly focusing on calls, though, a full-on
speakerphone like the Jabra Freeway is big and bulky but serves up clear and powerful sound.


So, these were some of the amazing car accessories that you must have. Hope you liked the list of our gadgets in the 5 Best Car Gadgets Category.

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