Significance And Working Of A Voltage Stabilizer

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Significance And Working Of A Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage stabilizers are standard devices that we make use of in our household electrical appliances. It is mainly used to control voltage fluctuations. Thus it prevents the damage of refrigerators, television, washing machine, air conditioner, etc. It helps every electrical appliance to receive the permitted voltage to which it is designed to operate. You can purchase high-quality voltage stabilizer in Chennai from reliable local dealers.  Here you would get a clear idea of the importance and various applications of voltage stabilizer. You would also know about the working and types of voltage stabilizers. 


Importance Of Voltage Stabilizers

It is a must that you make use of any electrical appliances in your home with a voltage stabilizer. It mainly helps in managing the voltage fluctuations of the power supply to your house. Voltage fluctuation is nothing but the change in the magnitude of voltage. There is a standard voltage range of electric power distribution say 230V for single-phase and 415V for three-phase. Thus electrical appliances are designed to accept a voltage range of 220V-240V. There are situations when voltage fluctuates, and it would result in low voltage of 170V and high voltage of 270V. This condition would damage electrical appliances to a greater extent. 

Voltage fluctuation can damage the insulation of the motors installed in your house. When you make use of your television without a voltage stabilizer, then the voltage drop can affect the functioning of its electronic components. Thus you must protect your expensive electrical appliances with a voltage stabilizer to manage the voltage fluctuations effectively. The use of voltage stabilizer in Chennai and other large cities is a must as the power distribution is not consistent. 

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Working Of A Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage Stabilizer works under the basic principles which include boost operation and buck operation. Boost operation is nothing but managing low voltage condition by boosting up the voltage. Buck operation reducing the voltage to manage overvoltage condition. 

A voltage stabilizer consists of a step-down transformer, relays, rectifier, amplifier or microcontroller. During the boost operation of the voltage stabilizer, the incoming voltage would be low. Thus the circuit in the voltage stabilizer would be switched such the power source, and transformer secondary output is offered to the load. During the buck operation, the incoming voltage is high. Thus the electronic circuit of the stabilizer is changed such that voltage offered to load is nothing but incoming voltage transformer secondary voltage. 


Types of Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage stabilizers have become a vital part of electrical appliances used in the home, industries, and commercial buildings. There are three types of voltage stabilizers widely being used. 

Real Type Voltage Stabilizers: This type of stabilizers can help to manage with input voltage variations of + OR- 15 percent to +or – 6 percent and output voltage accuracy of +or-5 to +or-10 percent. You can see this type of stabilizers used mostly in low rating appliances used for commercial and residential purposes. There are several limitations to this type of voltage stabilizers. 


Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers: This type of stabilizers work on servomechanism. This stabilizer makes use of a servo motor to manage the voltage fluctuations. Some of the essential components of the servo-controlled voltage stabilizer are 

  • Servo motor
  • Autotransformer
  • Buck-boost transformer
  • Control circuitry
  • Motor driver

This type of stabilizer is mostly used along with real type voltage stabilizer for high correction speed, precise stabilized output, and high reliability.  

Static Voltage Stabilizers: This type of stabilizer does not contain any moving parts. The power converter circuit is responsible for voltage regulation. It is mostly used along with servo controlled voltage stabilizers for higher accuracy in voltage regulation. This type of stabilizer is widely popular for various reasons like

  • Compact size
  • Precise voltage regulation
  • Fast correction speed
  • Less maintenance
  • Highly reliable and efficient. 

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Choosing The Right Stabilizer For Your Home

There are several factors that you should look for when selecting an ideal stabilizer for your home. 

Power Rating: You should check for the power rating of various appliances which is specified in terms of KVA or VA. This is mostly specified in the nameplate of the appliance. 

Future Load Requirements: You must choose a stabilizer based on your future expansion. 

The above offers clear insight about the working and importance of voltage stabilizers. 

So, this was all about the Voltage Stabilizers. We explained to you how to choose the best Voltage Stabilizer for your home. If you still have any queries, feel free to ask us through the comments section below. Stay tuned with Techadvises


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