10 Best Wireless Headphones under 2500 Rupees in India [2018 ]

best headphones under 2.5K

 Best Wireless Headphones under 2500 Rupees

Headphones make our music experience better. We love to listen to our favourite songs using headphones while we are travelling in a Metro or travelling to a hill station. Soothing Music gives power and inner peace to soul. But to fully enjoy music, you need to have a good quality of headphones. In this post, we will introduce you to 10 best wireless headphones under 2500 Rupees in India.

There are a lot of headphones available in the market but you need to identify the best one. A good headphone has a clear sound and should also have nice bass and power boost effects. Some of the popular brands that produce excellent headphones are Skullcandy, Bose, Sony, Philips and more.. But Bose and Skullcandy headphones are expensive as compared to the normal headphones and not every teenager can afford it. So, we will share the 10 budget headphones. They are also the 10 best wireless headphones under 2500.


10 Best Wireless Headphones under 2500


1. JBL T450BT  Wireless Headphones | Pure Bass

best wireless headphones under 2500

First, in our collection of 10 best wireless headphones under 2500 comes the JBL wireless headphones model no. T450BT. They have pure bass and a superb sound quality. The design eye catching. No more need to handle those long strings of headphones. Enjoy your favourite music on the go. They are the best headphones for college students. Powerful bass and excellent treble. You can attend and reject calls with a single button. Adjust volume while listening to the music. Compatible with almost all smartphones. It has bluetooth 4.0 V so that you can easily connect it with your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. It has a long battery life to keep your entertainment going on. The best thing about them is that they are available in various colours: Black, Blue and Red


JBL Pure bass sound

Appealing looks


11 hr battery standby

Call and music control via button


2. Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Headphones 

top wireless headphones under 2500

Boat Rockerz’s speciality is that it has excellent thumping bass sound and gives you the best sound experience. It is also one of the best wireless headphones under 2500 Rupees in India. It can easily be connected to your smartphone. You can listen to your favourite music on the go. It has a battery backup of 8 hours and you ll definitely love the music quality. It has soft earphone pads that does not give pain to your ears. It is available in beautiful colors and are perfect for college students. Boat Headphones have already gained a lot of popularity among teenagers because of their low price and quality technology. It gives you the desired authentic sound


8 hours battery backup

Excellent design

Authentic sound

Thumping Bass

Available in 3+ color variants


Buy now from AMAZON



3. Tagg Inferno Wireless bluetooth headphones

best headphones under 2500

Next in our list of top wireless headphones under 2500 comes the Tagg Inferno headphones. They have a sleek design that is completely unique from normal headphones. It is designed so that it fits completely in your ears. It also comes with a carry case so that the wire does not gets broken down. Many a times we don’t have a proper case to carry our headphones and they get damaged. It gives you true HD sound and awesome bass experience. It uses Bluetooth V4.1 CSR technology and you can connect all the devices to it easily. Be it your android smartphone or your tablet. You can enjoy your favourite workout while you are jogging, running or gymming or dancing. It has 100m Ah Lithium battery and gives you 7 hours of battery backup in a go. It comes with 12 months replacement warranty. In case you get any issue, you can get it replaced from the service centre.


True HD sound

Extra bass

7 hours battery bass


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4. Boat Rockerz 600 headphones

best bluetooth headphones

Next, in our list of best wireless headphones under 2500 comes the boAt Rockerz 600 wireless bluetooth headphones. boAt Rockerz 600  are another piece of excellence and these classy headphones have been designed with full perfection. The features and specs of boAt Rockerz 600 are superb. Looks are no doubt, quite appealing. And not just looks, the sound quality is also very good. It has extra bass and gives you the high quality audio experience. Listen to your favourite songs, workout music, mobile tunes and more with these classy headphones. Enjoy the best music on the go. No need to manage those long tangling cables. Just connect your boAt Rockerz 600 with your mobile phone. They have a long battery standby so you can enjoy your music for a long time.





5. Acid Eye Foldable Wireless headphones

top wireless headphones under 2500

Acid headphones KB-2600 have an appealing look and design. It gives you the maximum comfort and the earpad are cushioned well. The headphones are east to carry and the best thing is that they can be fold and you can easily keep them in your college or travel bag. They will not occupy much space of your bag. The sound quality is good and the price is also not so high. So it becomes one of the top wireless headphones under 2500 rupees for college students. It is compatible with almost all the bluetooth devices and comes with a good battery backup. It has a battery backup of 11 hours and gives you non stop entertainment. It has a 3.5 mm jack and supports SD card music play, FM stereo radio and more. You can easily attend or reject the calls with a click of a button.


11 hrs battery backup

Classy design

Awesome bass experience

Compatible with almost all bluetooth device


Best Wireless Headphones under 2500 Rupees


6. Motorola Escape Headphones

best wireless headphones under 2500

Motorola is known for its technology. It has classy design and awesome sound quality. Enjoy your favourite music with these adorable headphones from Motorola. It gives you 10 hrs of battery backup. It uses 4.1 bluetooth. They are one of the best wireless heapdhones for gym, jogging and running. You can attend your calls on the go. A single button to handle all the incoming calls. It gives you clear sound while you are making a call unlike the Boat Rockerz 400 headphones in which the call sound is not so clear.


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7. Mivi SAXO wireless bluetooth headphones

Next, in our list of top 10 wireless headphones under 2500 comes the Mivi SAXO headphones. It is one of the best budget headphones under 2500 rupees in India. They have a classy design and gives you a thumping bass sound. Music quality enhances when you listen your songs with Mivi Saxo headphones. It has a foldable design which makes it easy to carry and more portable. It has Passive noice cancellation. The bes thing about these heapdhones is that they are light weight and the black color variant of the headphone looks super awesome. The Bluetooth connect to device is so quick that you don’t need to wait much. A single button takes control of all the calls and you can reject or accept the incoming calls without removing your mobile. It has ultra soft cushion caps to give you pain free music experience.

Features of Headphones

Ultra Soft Cushion cups

Long battery standby

Excellent design

Easy to carry

Revolutionizing Sound


8. Boat Rockerz 430 Wireless Headphones with Mic

boat Rockerz 430 headphones
best wireless headphones under 2500 in India 2018

boAt Rockerz 430 is also one of the top wireless headphones under 2500 Rs. in India. boAt has a good collection of headphones and it is one of them. You don’t need to worry about the long tangled wires. Relax and enjoy the soothing experience of soft music with boAt Rockerz 430 bluetooth headphones. It has a best in class sound technology and you can easily feel the difference. It has a much poweful bass unlike other headphones. The earcups are double cushioned so that your ears does not start paining while you are enjoying your music. It has premium CSR8365 chip in it and also 40 mm dynamic drivers. It has a a frequency range of 20 -20kHz. The sound is very clear and noice cancellation system is also there. They are foldable and serves as the best wireless headphones for travelers. Single button call attend or reject. It has dual mode, wired and wireless. The earpiece easily gets fitted on your ears and provides max comfort level. You can buy the headphones from the link below:-

Features of boAt Rockerz 430 heapdhones

Classy design

Max. Comfort level


Dual mode: Wired and Wireless


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9. Philips SHB5500BK Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

best wireless headphones under 2500

Next, in our list of top 10 wireless bluetooth headphones comes the Philips SHB5500BK headphones. Philips is a leader in electronics from a very long time. Philips headphones are known for their excellent sound quality and design. Philips SHB5500K has an elegant design and sound quality is also very nice. They are easy to carry and you just need to connect your mobile phone or laptop with the headphones. Easy call attend or reject button for your comfort. The earpad cushions are very soft so that you can enjoy your favourite ghazals, hip hop music for a long time. You can use them while you are gymming or running on a track.

Features of Philips Sh5500BK headphones

Beautiful design

Classy sound

Easy to carry

Good battery backup


10. Motorola Pulse Bluetooth Headphones

best wireless headphones for travelers

Last but not the least, the Motorola Pulse Bluetooth heapdhones which has a unique design much different from the heapdhones mentioned above. They have excellent sound quality and are light weight. No need to manage those irritating wires. Listen your best sound tracks and tunes while you are going to college or traveling to a hill station. True HD sound that gives power to your mind and soul. Long battery backup so that you don’t need to charge it again and again. They have powerful inbuilt speakers.

Features of Motorola Pulse headphones

Superb design

True HD sound

Easy call attend or Reject

Long battery backup

So, this was all about the 10 best wireless headphones under 2500 Rupees in India. Hope you like the list. Don’t forget to share this list of top headphones under 2500 Rs with your friends. Stay tuned with TECHADVISES for more gadget updates and tech news.














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