Top 6 apps for Amazon Kindle Fire 2016: Amazon Fire Tablet

 Best apps for Amazon Kindle Fire 2016

The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is the most widely used tablet used by millions of people today worldwide. It is an affordable and marvelous tablet. Some of you might be having a number of apps already installed in your tablet but some of you must be curious what apps work on Kindle Fire? To make your Kindle Fire more productive you can install some more apps for Amazon Kindle Fire which we are telling. In our next post we will write on kindle fire review and kindle fire best buy offers. you can see the list of 6 apps for Amazon Kindle Fire. We have given a brief summary of each app. You can also Download apps for Amazon Kindle Fire from the download link for each app. Though, there are many other apps for Amazon Kindle Fire also, we will try to post about other apps for Amazon Fire tablet soon.


Top useful apps for Amazon Kindle Fire 

Best Apps for Amazon Fire Tablet  Let’s have a look at our list of 6 best apps for Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet in detail. You can Download the apps for Amazon Kindle Fire from the GETNOW link.

  1. Duolingo
amazon kindle fire best buy
Amazon kindle fire apps

Duolingo is a wonderful app for your Amazon Kindle Fire.It will take a long time for you to learn any language. But Duolingo provides you a simple way to learn any language.Every lesson in this app has features like a game. Each lesson contain features like speaking,listening, and challenges so that it becomes easy for you to learn a language.

The best thing about DuoLingo is that is completely free and you can learn any language in a lesser time. It has about dozens of languages.


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  1. FlipBoard : a Social News Magazine
amazon kindle fire best buy
Flipboard- app for amazon kindle fire

It becomes very difficult for us to stay in touch with social media in a today’s fast pacing world.

Flipboard is an amazing app out of the top 6 useful apps for Amazon Kindle fire where you can manage all the social media in one place. You can check the new things and trends without the need to install different apps for each thing.It has faster loading of page and great flipping performance. W can add and save the content to our magazine. You get a notification whenever someone comments,subscribes your magazine.Out of all the apps for Amazon Kindle Fire this one is best for reading articles on various categories.


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  1. Spotify Music
apps for Amazon Kindle Fire
Spotify – best apps for Amazon Kindle Fire

Music is our soul. It refreshes and helps you cheer up in life. You feel good when you listen to a soothing music. Spotify Music is another useful and one of the amazing apps for Amazon Kindle Fire. You can make your own readymade playlist. Spotify Music helps you make your personal playlist. Spotify Music helps you download any music in high quality sounds. You can download your loving music.It is a useful app for Amazon Kindle Fire. There are other music apps for Amazon Kindle Fire.



  1. Netflix
Amazon Kindle fire review
NetFlix – best apps for amazon kindle fire

There are many apps for Amazon Kindle Fire. Netflix is one of them Netflix is the world’s most popular subscription service that help you to watch TV episodes and movies on your mobile or your personal tablet.With Amazon Fire HD you can get the best viewing experience anywhere and at anytime.You can search for new episodes, thousand titles which are being added regularly.



  1. VLC for Fire
Buy amazon Kindle fire
VLC Fire – video app for Amazon kindle Fire

If you have video files that you want to play in your Amazon kindle fire you need to have an app called VLC for Amazon Kindle Fire. It is compatible and support a large number of video formats. You can play and enjoy almost everything without any problem. Some of the feature of VLC for Kindle Fire are browsing and playback, pop up video, sharing videos on networks, you can download subtitles and video playlists supports multi-windows feature. It is one of  the best apps for Amazon Kindle Fire for watching videos. If you want you can find other video apps for Amazon Kindle Fire on internet. So, this was one of the best free apps for Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.


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  1. Skype for Amazon Kindle Fire
Best apps Amazon Kindle Fire
Skype amazon kindle fire app

Skype is a wonderful audio and video call app that you must install in your kindle fire if you want to connect with people. It is the best platform used all over the world to connect with others with a wireless connection. Skype is a one of the top 6 useful apps for Amazon Kindle Fire. Out of the 5 other apps for Amazon Kindle Fire this one is most important if you want to connect with your friends.

You can exchange files also with your friends and circles without any effort. Just a click and get connected to your loved ones that are far off from you. so, this was one of the 6 best amazon fire apps.



So these were the top 6 apps for Amazon Kindle Fire. You can Download other apps for Amazon Kindle fire. The apps for Amazon Kindle Fire are available on  Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list for the latest posts right into your inbox. Hope the list of 6 top useful apps for Amazon Kindle Fire were beneficial to you and wait for our next post about Amazon kindle fire review. We will also try to post about the Kindle Fire HD 7 inch tablet And Kindle Fire 10 features and Specifications,


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