Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant: Now enjoy the Virtual Assistant in India too

Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant: Now enjoy the Virtual Assistant in India too

Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant: Amazing Voice commands

Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant    Bixby is a Cool virtual Assistant designed by Samsung. Samsung ‘s cool Voice Assistant is now available in India too. After Google and Apple its the turn of Samsung to give their mobile phones a cool Voice Assistant. People having the Samsung handsets will now enjoy the Bixby Voice Assistant in the phones like Samsung Galaxy S8 +, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8, Samsung Galaxy A7  (available to users of S. Korea ) The Voice Assistant will listen to what the user says and will respond accordingly. Google Voice has also improved to a very large extent.

It is said that the Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant understands the US English but no worries as it will work for Indian English too. It has been said by Dipesh Shah, MD, Samsung R&D Institute that “It doesn’t matter which part of India you are from, Bixby will work hard to understand you and take care of your daily activities” The Samsung Assistant will make your work easier. You must be eager to know how to activate Bixby voice. First, know about the benefits of Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant. You can also download the bixby voice assistant apk

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What All Can You Do with Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant

Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant
Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant

There are a lot of things that you can do with the Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant. With the Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant you can easily set reminders, take your selfie within seconds, easily turn on the Flashlight of your mobile phone. With Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant you can also find pictures from the gallery of a Samsung mobile handset with the help of voice commands.

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Let me tell you that the Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant was developed at SRI- Bangalore. A lot of updates has to be done and the Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant will keep improving with time. The main motto behind Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant is to make the tasks faster and easier.

This was all about the Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant. We will write on how to set up Bixby We will update you with more news on the Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant soon. Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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  1. Nice article. What good is Bixby for deaf people? Google gets screwy ideas fairly often but nowhere near as awful as Samsungs.

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