SEO for Beginners: How To Write an SEO Article| Basic SEO Tutorial 2017

SEO for Beginners

Importance of SEO in Blogging: SEO for Beginners SEO for Beginners 2017: Blogging, I hope, I don’t need to tell what it is !! Well, most of you who came here must be very well aware of it. That’s the reason you are here. Some of you may be newbies in Blogging and it might be that expert bloggers are also reading my article. Welcome to All of You!! Well, if you are familiar with blogging, then I hope you must be well aware that how competitive Blogging has become…

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Understanding Sales Funnel from the point of view of a Blogger

Understanding Sales Funnel

All Bloggers are Marketers       Why do Bloggers fail? The answer to this question has been detailed in another blog post. But I would like to add another reason to the list. Limited Understanding of Basic Marketing concepts. Every blogger out there is so busy giving actionable tips that they are forgetting to tell why you need to take that action in the first place. Often Bloggers forget that Blogging is a subset of  Marketing. And every basic concept of Marketing applies to Blogging as well. One of…

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Where can I find premium quality blog content?

premium quality blog content

If you are a business owner, you would know the importance of good content. It is a myth that great website design can allure the prospective customers. You need more than that! You need excellent quality content. You need SEO for your blog because without which your prospective customers will never know about your page. You should be visible in the search engine! Once they type for a particular service or topic, they should be able to find you on the first page of Google. How does it happen? You…

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20 Guaranteed Ways on How to get more Website Traffic/more visitors on Blog

How to get more Website Traffic

20 Best Ways on How to get more traffic Website Traffic… (Increase Blog Visitors)   How to get more Website Traffic:    Are you facing the problem of popularizing your blog? Is there neither a like nor a view upon your” BLOGPOST”? Ever wonder why it is so? Imagine, what would a shopkeeper do without his customers? Customers are the only notion that matters to him.“Customers and more customers and more customer is his only mantra”.What comes after the customer is the “traffic”! Traffic makes you crowd-pleaser.In the same way, goes…

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Top 3 tools for Blogging that every blogger should buy

The Top 3 tools for Blogging  That You Must Have Top 3 tools for Blogging:   Blogging is now a multi-billion dollar industry. With everything going online and more and more people being dependent on the internet, there exists a huge opportunity for a talented blogger. When I say “Blogger” here, I am referring to anyone working in the Search engine optimization industry. Bloggers get paid handsomely, but it is a difficult job and requires investments. In today’s articles, we are going to talk about three such investments. We will…

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How to add Zendesk Chat to your website via Script/Zendesk Plugin

How to add Zendesk Chat to your website

How to add Zendesk Chat to your website We all use different tools to increase the audience and engagement on our website. We keep on finding tools to give the best experience to the visitors that connect with our website. We do so because we want to improve the overall user experience on our website. If they visit once they should wish to come again and again. One such thing that will really enhance the user experience and query issue of your blog or website is the Zendesk Chat option.…

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5 Top Reasons Why Blogging is better than 9 to 5 Job

Reasons Why Blogging is better

Why Blogging is better than 9 to 5 Job Many of you maybe a newbie Blogger. Different Bloggers have different reasons to enter the field of Blogging. Some are really passionate about Blogging. Some may have the love for writing. Few blog as a hobby. But mostly people enter the field of Blogging after seeing the huge amounts of money earned by some Top popular bloggers. But Blogging just for money will not take you a l0ng way!! You really need to have something other than money in Blogging that…

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Google Adsense mobile app: Download to track your websites earnings anywhere

Google Adsense mobile app: Track your Adsense earniings

Google Adsense mobile app: Track your website earnings Anywhere!! Google Adsense mobile app: In our previous posts, we have talked about Blogging, how to make a website or blog, how to earn from a website. In some of our posts, we explained to you What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and how can SEO boost your website traffic. Today we will basically talk about the Google Adsense mobile app which helps to track the website earnings and the traffic converted into revenue data in a deeper sense. Now you all know that…

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10 Top YouTube vloggers of India 2017and how they became millionaires

Top YouTube vloggers of India 2017 and how they became millionaires Top YouTube vloggers of India:   Are you a Youtube videos addict? Are you always stuck with your favorite Youtube channels?? If Yes then this article is just for you only !!! Today in this post, we are going to discuss the 10 Top YouTube vloggers of India. Many of you might be knowing that you can earn a very good amount from YouTube monetization. You just have to add your favorite videos, dance performances, funny acts, your knowledge…

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What are backlinks in SEO and how to get Backlinks to your website/blog

What are backlinks in SEO

  What are backlinks in SEO and how to get backlinks to your website   What are backlinks in SEO: In our earlier posts, we have discussed what is a blog and how to make your own website. We also explained how you can earn money from Blogging and your websites using Adsense programs and affiliate marketing methods. Today I am back with a topic of backlinks. Today I will explain to you What are backlinks in SEO & how to get backlinks to your website. It is very hard to understand…

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