How to Get More Sponsored Posts and Paid Guest Posts Offer on Your Blog

how to get sponsored posts

How to Get Sponsored Posts Offers In our previous posts we have shared the best ways to earn from a blog. We hope that you loved our previous posts. Guest Posts and Sponsored posts are one of the top sources of earning for a blog. Google Adsense may not be successful in case of some websites or may not be generating a good amount of revenue( only in few cases). So if you also are not earning good from Google Adsense and do not have any other earning option then…

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How to Earn From Blogging: 5 Best Ways / Methods

How to Earn From Blogging

How to Earn From Blogging:¬† Blogging has become an attractive career for young generation and also for those who love to be their own boss. Blogging helps to set your own rules and work as you want. It gives you the freedom to work independently. Blogging can help you gain a lot of money and you can also choose it as your mainstream career but for that, you need to know few things about Blogging. You must have seen people posting their earning reports, their 5-6 digits Blogging income on…

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5 Best Tips for Blogging You Must Follow 2017

Best Tips for Blogging

Best Tips for Blogging for Newbie Bloggers Best Tips for Blogging: Blogging has become very popular nowadays. After Digital India Campaign it is growing at a much faster pace. Every other person wants to own a blog but they forget that just owning a blog is not enough, you need to have the proper knowledge and the Blogging Strategies if you really wanna compete in blogging. Earlier there were very few bogs so it was not much difficult to get a very large audience to your blog. But now the…

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Understanding Sales Funnel from the point of view of a Blogger

Understanding Sales Funnel

All Bloggers are Marketers       Why do Bloggers fail? The answer to this question has been detailed in another blog post. But I would like to add another reason to the list. Limited Understanding of Basic Marketing concepts. Every blogger out there is so busy giving actionable tips that they are forgetting to tell why you need to take that action in the first place. Often Bloggers forget that Blogging is a subset of ¬†Marketing. And every basic concept of Marketing applies to Blogging as well. One of…

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5 Top Reasons Why Blogging is better than 9 to 5 Job

Reasons Why Blogging is better

Why Blogging is better than 9 to 5 Job Many of you maybe a newbie Blogger. Different Bloggers have different reasons to enter the field of Blogging. Some are really passionate about Blogging. Some may have the love for writing. Few blog as a hobby. But mostly people enter the field of Blogging after seeing the huge amounts of money earned by some Top popular bloggers. But Blogging just for money will not take you a l0ng way!! You really need to have something other than money in Blogging that…

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How to make a WordPress blog of your own

What is a Blog and how to make a WordPress blog Blog (or weblog) is an informational or a discussion type website which may contain information about a single topic or multiple topics in the form of posts. A post is a form of writing content on your blog for the audience. People can get useful information and can express their views on the topic or suggest something if they like.In this post, we will tell ways to make a WordPress blog of your own and how to earn from…

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