How to Get More Sponsored Posts and Paid Guest Posts Offer on Your Blog

how to get sponsored posts

How to Get Sponsored Posts Offers

In our previous posts we have shared the best ways to earn from a blog. We hope that you loved our previous posts. Guest Posts and Sponsored posts are one of the top sources of earning for a blog. Google Adsense may not be successful in case of some websites or may not be generating a good amount of revenue( only in few cases). So if you also are not earning good from Google Adsense and do not have any other earning option then you can use sponsored posts and paid guest posts as one of the earning methods. Today, in this article we will tell you how to get sponsored posts offers and paid guest posts opportunities.


What is a Sponsored Post?

A Sponsored post is a post which is sponsored by a brand related to a product or services. Brands keep looking for Bloggers, social influencers and Youtubers for their brand promotion, to increase their market outreach etc. They wish to increase the sales of their product or usage of their services. Everything is digital and even their business is online, so Sponsored posts on some good blogs or websites work well for them. Top Companies hire marketing persons and PRs whose work is to connect with blogger and social influencers for their product or service promotion. The PRs officially mail the bloggers and show interest for having a sponsored post published on their site. In most of the cases the article is also provided by the brands. They just have to publish the article with their dofollow links. And guess what bloggers are paid a very good amount for that depending upon the traffic, reach, DA PA and other metrics of  the blog. Isn’t that so cool?? It hardly 15 minutes to publish a sponsored post and you can make some good dollars from it.


What is a Guest Post?

Guest Post is also somewhat similar to a sponsored post. The difference is that it is not necessary that guest post is provided by a big brand or company. Bloggers and influencers also keep looking for websites with good DA PA to get a backlink so that they can improve their blog ranking. If you have a good network in blogging groups of your country then you will keep getting good offers of guest posts. In some cases the guest post will be provided by the person or company who shows interest for a guest post but in some cases you may have to write it. In both cases you may have to add one or more do-follow links back to their website to blog. Some people wish that the guest post on other blogs are published by their names and author profile. They may pay you more for that. You can make a handsome amount of money by guest blogging.


Note: Make sure that You Do not Do A Lot of Sponsored Posts and Guest Posts on your blog because if you keep giving links and don’t make backlinks on your blog than it may negatively affect your blog. So, you need to maintain a balance.

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How to Get More Sponsored Posts and Guest Posts

1.Google Plus

Google Plus is one of the place from where you can get sponsored posts and paid paid guest post offers. You should share all your blogs posts on your Google Plus profile. Brands and marketing persons keep looking for quality blogs on Google Plus. You should make your Google profile more effective. You can also share on the Google Plus page or on your profile that you are accepting paid guests posts and sponsored posts on your blog. If you want to be more specific you can mention the niche and categories in whic you are accepting posts. You can also mention the DA Pa and other metrics of your blog. A good DA PA blog attracts more sp0nsored posts.


2. Make an ‘Advertise With Us’ Page on Your Blog

An Advertise Us Page On Your Blog can do wonders to your blog. All the professional bloggers never forget to create and ‘Advertise With Us’ page on their blog. This will help brands and companies to contact you easily and you can also share what type of advertising options are available on your blog. You can accept sponsored posts, guest posts, widget advertisements and banner advertisements etc. You can also mention the size of the banner ads your accepting. If you are confused what to write on your Advertise with Us page you can take help from our Advertise with us page


3. Make a Page on Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the best social sharing platform for bloggers and social influencers. It is quite popular all around the world and bloggers actively share their blogs posts content and links on Flipboard. You can find useful content on various topics on flipboard. You can get good opportunity of networking with bloggers around the world and can get more guests posts opportunities. The marketing department of top brands and companies remain active on Flipboard and they keep looking for quality blogs and websites for brand promotion and sponsored posts.  Flipboard gives you the option to make a magazine on your blog. You can make a magazine of your blog and can share all the content on your blog on it and this we you will definitely get more offers of sponsored posts and guest posts on blog.

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4. Be Active on Quora

Quora is an awesome platform for getting the best answers to your questions. We all have some unanswered questions revolving around in our mind. On Quora you can get he best answers for your questions from the experts of that field or category. An Active profile on Quora can increase your networking options with other bloggers of same niche and also with the top brands. The SEO agents and PRs are active on Quora too and keep tracking some good blogs for marketing options. They may find your email and pitches your the advertising requirements. By Active here we means that you should actively answer the questions of people if you know the answers or you can share you blog content too if it serves as the answer to someone’s question. Don’t forget to share your blog post link in the ending so that they may reach your blog.


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5. Pitch Clients and Brands

Some people get good sponsored post and guest posts offers because they are lucky, while some egt it because of their good social media outreach, organic reach on Google etc. If you have a good ranking of your blog then it becomes easy for Brand PRs to contact you but if your blog does not have a good outreach then you can pitch the brands on your own. Prepare a pitching email for your target  brand or client. The pitching email should be eye catching and should have all the details about you, your metrics like daily traffic, DA, PA, and advertising options.


6. Exchange your clients with Other Bloggers

 “Blogging is more of hard work than Smart Work”

You can exchange clients with other bloggers of same niche. Clients want more than one blogs and you can share you clients with your friends and in return they may share their clients with you. Isn’t that cool? And yeah this idea really works and have proved successful for us too. This will save time and hard work of both of you. So, what are you thinking. Just Give it a try today itself!


7. Join Good Blogging Groups

Facebook has helped businesses grow. Blogging is all about networking. The more you network with other bloggers the more you grow. There are a lot of blogging groups and you can join the best blogging groups on Facebook. People keep looking for blogs of same niche for guest posting and Sponsored posts. So, look out for some good blogging groups today. You can also use the facebook search to find post related to requirement of blogs for Guest Posts and sponsored posts. Some of the top Blogging groups on Facebook are:–

HellBound Bloggers

Bloggers Funda

Passionate Bloggers and SEO Experts



8. Keep Your Blog Facebook Page Active

Facebook Page is the social identity of your blog and more than twitter and any other platform, Facebook performs well. You should create a page for your blog and should make it active. Always share your latest posts and articles on the Facebook page of your blog and don’t forget to invite your friends to that page. The more active your page will, the more Sponsored posts and paid guest posts opportunities will come to you. Brands keep looking for facebook pages of blogs and tries to contact the blog admin via the facebook pages. You will keep getting paid review requests, sponsored posts requests etc.

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9. Email Your Old Clients Again

Another method is to recall your old clients again. Some brands do more than one post on a single blog. So, you may try to email your old clients again. Some of the people who mail you are mediators and they keep on doing guest posts for different blogs and websites. You can contact them and ask them if they need more posts on blog.


10. Work on Your Rankings

Organic ranking is one of the best method to get more sponsored posts and guest posts offers. If your article rank on first page of Google then brands and PRs will automatically reach you for advertising. You should  do proper SEO of your blog after keywords research and keep your blog updated. Make backlinks on your blog to increase the ranking of your blog in Google Search Results.

Note: Do not Make Guest Posts and Sponsored Posts As the Only Method of Earning for Your Blog. Too many sponsored posts without working on your own backlinks can push your Blog Rankings Down!!


So, these were the top 10 methods to get more Sponsored posts and guests posts offers. You can practically use these methods to get more sponsored posts and advertising offers. We now hope that you have understood How to get more Sponsored posts offers. If you have any blogging queries, do let us know. Stay tuned with Techadvises.

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