10 Best Headphones under 2000 Rupees in India 2018 [Updated]

best headphones under 2000

Music is something that we all love, Right? Music gives us power. People have different tastes of music. Some of us love to listen to motivational music, some love to hear soft music and some prefer loud party music. To have a good music experience you require a high quality device and teenagers loves headphones more than speakers. They love to listen music while they are travelling in a Metro or a bus.

Today, in this post we will talk about the Best Headphones under 2000 Rupees. You can also check the price, tech specifications, features and can also buy from the links ( Best offers and discounts on headphones )


10 Best Headphones under 2000 Rupees


1. Sony MDR-XB450 On-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones

best headphones under 2000

  • Headphones for Electronic Dance Music(EDM)
  • 30 mm closed
  • powerful Sound Quality
  • High Quality Bass
  • Portable, swivel folding design for listening on the go
  • Cushioned ear pads for long-wearing comfort
  • Durable
  • Tangle less wires
  • Beautiful
  • Flashy metallic finish

Sony MDR-XB450 are the headphones made for Electronic Dance an Music and comes under one of the 10 best headphones under 2500 Rupees. It has the best features and specs. Tangle free flat serration cord for reducing tangling and comes with Cushioned Ear Pads to give you the best comfort level. Extra Bass Sound for the best music experience. It comes in various colours and has a flashy metallic finish body. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it now



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2. Panasonic RP-HXD3W

best wireless headphones under 20003.5 mm Headphones Jack
30 mm Headphone Driver Units
Neodymium Magnet
Over-the-ear Style headphones
Stylish Design Closed Headphones
10 Hz – 25K Hz Frequency Response
1.2 m long good quality Wire

They come under the 10 best wireless headphones under 2000 Rupees because of their super cool features and classy looks. College going students love Panasonic RP-HXD3W as they are comfortable and easy to carry. Now grrove to your favorite music in Metro or bus with these super cool headphones. It comes with a 3.5 mm headphones jack, 30 mm headphone driver units. The style is Over-Ear-headphones ones. The cable length is good enough so that you don’t face any issues. The Sound quality is good enough and bass quality is also Ok. So, just order them now and enjoy your favourite  tracks.



3. JBL T250SI

best wireless headphones under 2000

  • Classic Design
  • Comfortable 
  • Cushioned headphones
  • Long cable
  • Under the budget headphones

Now next, in our list of the top headphones under 2000 Rupees comes the JBL T250SI which are the best budget headphones under 1500 Rupees.  The looks of the JBL T250SI  are classy and they are the best choice. Nothing can match the good sound quality and years of trust on JBL. It has good quality cable. Normally the poor quality cables may break in other headphones but this is not the case with these JBL headphones. Padded cushioned earpiece to give you a discomfort free music experience. The sound quality is good and you feel like listening more and more songs. Best headphones for college students.



4. Sennheiser PX 80

best bluetooth headphones under 2000

  • Superior bass response
  • Reduces background noise
  • Elegant Sleek design
  • Over the Ear Headphones style
  • 4.5 metre long cable

Check out this cool and uniquely designed headphones from Sennheiser. It has a 4.5 m long cable length so that you don’t face any issues while using it. Ultra Cool design which makes it different from other headphones in the same price range. It has good quality sound and extra bass. If you are college going student then you must go for it. It can be easily entangled with your school or college bag. Listen to your favourite soundtracks while your are running or travelling.

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5. BoAt Rockerz 510 wireless Bluetooth headphones


boat Rockerz 510 headphones

  • Unbeatable Bass quality
  • Entertainment on the Go
  • Wireless headphones
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Superb Design
  • Best wireless headphones for college students

boAt Rockerz 510 comes next in our list of top headphones under 2000 Rupees. They have an ultracool design and gives you the best Music experience. It has a unbeatable sound quality with good bass sorround system. You can easily connect them with your mobile phones and can listen to your favorite music tracks on the go. It helps you get rid of the irritating long cables.

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6. Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD

Mi headphones under 1000 rupees

  •  In-Ear Design 
  • Good Cablelength 
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to carry
  • Good quality sound
  • Multi Functional Button

Now comes the Mi In Ear headphones with Muti functional button. Its ultra cool features made it grab a place in our list of top 10 headphones under 2000 Rupees. Light weight. It has neither so long and nor so short cable length. It gives you the best  music experience and are easy to carry. Enjoy lovely songs on the go while you are travelling or running on the treadmill.




7. Audio-Technica ATH-AX1iS

 best budget headphones in India
  • Over-Ear Design 
  •  Cable length: 1.2 metres
  • 3.5mm jack 
  • Pain free cushioned headphones
  • Best Budget headphones 

Audion Technica headphones are made to give you the best sound quality and unbeatable music experience. It has built in multi functions. Comes with ear cups fold flat for easy storage. Elegant design which makes it distinct from other headphones of the same price. Audio-Technica ATH-AX1iS headphones are available in beautiful colours.



8. JBL C300Si Over the Ear Headphones 


top 10 headphones under 2000

  • High-power drivers
  • Lightweight earcup construction
  • Self-adjusting earcups
  • Unmatcheable sound quality

JBL C300Si is designed with over-ear headphone. The device comes with high-quality sound experience. These are one of the best budget headphones preferred by teens. With JBL C300Si you can Experience a completely immersive and unmatcheable music experience. The headphones provide exquisite sound quality and deep bass for an immersive listening experience. The high power magnetic drivers offer clear, detailed sound reproduction. The headphones feature self-adjustable ear-cups made from premium quality materials. They are designed with perfection and are easy to carry.



9. boAt Rockerz 400 Headphones

top headphones under 2000

  • Stylish Design
  • Easily Foldable
  • Best for College students
  • High Quality Extra Bass 
  • Bluetooth enabled

Next, in our list of best wireless headphones under 2000 Rupees comes the boAt Rockerz 400 headphones. The device is paired with Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. If you were looking for high-quality sound experience then this device with 20 kHz frequency sound. It has superb bass sorround to give you the maximum pleasure of music. Groove on to your faourite music track with boAt Rockerz 400 heaphones. Below you can check the best discounts on the product. Limited period deal.



10. Motorola Pulse Escape

  • Classic Design
  • Amazing Colours
  • High quality sound
  • Best headphones for College students
  • Best wireless headphones under 2000

Last, but not the least is  Motorola Pulse Escape headphones under our list of best headphones under 2000 Rupees in India. The headphone comes with full-size wireless headphones and features 40mm dynamic drivers and a 20-hour battery. They have a perfect noice cancellation system to give you the best music experience. The sound quality is upto the mark. The design is also elegant. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the amazing discount deal on this headphone below:–   🙂




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