Crictime Review: Live Cricket Streaming on your Mobile or PC


Today we will introduce you to Crictime. Many of you must be already aware of Crictime. Are You? No worries we will tell you. Crictime is the best way to enjoy Live Cricket Streaming on your mobile phones or Computer (PC). It is an online service for free Live Cricket Streaming on your device.

Crictime is very easy to use. You can watch free Live Cricket Streaming of ongoing matches and Cricket updates on your smartphones or PC. You do not need to be connected to your TV set. With Crictime watching Live cricket is so easy and simple.

Though there are many mobile apps to watch live cricket on your mobile phones. You can find a lot of Apk to watch live cricket but most of them are chargeable. You have to pay for them. Many sites also offer services to enjoy the cricket matches of your favorite cricket teams. But for that also you need to pay the subscription charges. Crictime is free of cost online service to watch live cricket on your device.

So, how do we watch live Cricket streaming via Crictime?

To watch live cricket on Crictime, you can visit the Official website of Crictime

Crictime is the best online cricket streaming service. There are a lot of servers on Crictime via which you can enjoy the cricket match of your favorite teams be it India vs Pakistan, India vs Australia, India vs New Zealand, New Zealand vs Australia, Pakistan vs Australia, Pakistan vs New Zealand etc..  You will see a lot of server options to start watching and streaming your favorite ongoing live cricket match.

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There are many other live cricket streaming websites. But the problem with some of them is that servers are down many times. But this is not the case with Crictime. Crictime has a lot of servers. Crictime server 1 to Crictime server 4 If one is down you can use the alternate servers to watch live cricket match on your phone, PC or laptop. With Crictime it is very easy to enjoy a cricket match on Android phone or laptop. Crictime is also available on iPhone. you can easily enjoy and watch live cricket on iPhone.

Click here to Download Crictime for iPhone


Crictime offers you detailed Cricket match updates, live cricket match scores, match summaries, score highlights and other things you want to know. You just need to have a good internet connection on the device you are using and there you go.

Crictime is also available on Facebook. You can connect with them on Facebook to know all the cricket news, updates, and cricket match highlights. You can also check the upcoming Cricket match schedules on Crictime. Watching live cricket on a smartphone, PC or laptop was never so easy.

Now there must be a question in your mind. you must be thinking about the quality of the Live Cricket Streaming of Crictime. Don’t worry as Crictime offers you the best video and audio quality. You will feel like you are watching the Live Cricket match on a TV channel like StarSports, DD Sports, SportsSky, SportsTen, SportsGeo, SuperEuro, SportsStar, SportsStar, SportsSony, SixPtv,  SportsHD, ESPN etc

Now, whenever you come to know there is an announcement of the cricket match series just visit Crictime website. Enjoy the Live match series of your favorite Cricket teams: India vs Pakistan. No one wishes to the amazing experience of India vs Pakistan cricket series. Als enjoy Pakistan vs West Indies, India vs South Africa, South Africa vs West Indies, Australia vs Pakistan match series.

So this was all about the Crictime for Live Cricket Streaming on your mobile phones/ PC/ laptop. You can also download Crictime for iPhone. This was Deepak Kumar here to talk about Crictime. Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.


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