Top 25 Best Sports Streaming Websites 2018 [Updated]

best sports streaming sites

Cricket is something Indian viewers cannot live without. Cricket is the soul of India and we all love to watch cricket especially the India Pakistan Match. None of us want to miss the India-Pak Cricket match. But life has become very busy and not all of us have the time to sit freely in front of TV and enjoy the live cricket match. So, today TECHADVISES is going to talk about 25 Best Sports Streaming sites which let you enjoy your favourite cricket match live. You can enjoy live cricket of your favourite teams on your laptop, PC, Android or iOS mobile phones and also on a tablet. You just need to have a good internet connection. Thanks, to telecom companies like Reliance, Jio has made fast internet accessible to almost everyone and that too at such a low price.

Not just cricket, you can enjoy all types of sports matches being aired live. With these live sports streaming sites you can enjoy your favourite sports match on your PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet and that too for free. And these 25 best sports streaming sites work well on both Windows and Apple Mac. If you wish to enjoy your live sports match on a mobile phone you can do so on the Android mobile phone or an iPhone. So, without wasting much let us now talk about the best live sports websites one by one.


Top 24 Best Sports Streaming Sites [2018]


best sports streaming sites
25 best sports streaming sites


1. is one of the best Sports streaming sites and it has a lot of features. This Sports streaming website is nice as it has all the sports events listed on the homepage itself. You just have to click on any one sports event of your choice. You can enjoy live WWE match, Rugby match, women’s hockey match, live Golf match,  a fierce football match or your live cricket match. There is also a search box on the top of the website where you can enter which match you want to stream live. You can enjoy live HD streaming of cricket, football, rugby or any other sports match for free. There are mirror sites or mirror links on the sites so that if one link does not work you can make use of the other link to enjoy live sports streaming on your laptop, mobile phone, computer or tablet. You just need to be alert while using the website because sometimes it shows some popups which can be irritating. Just close the pop-ups and enjoy free sports streaming of Cricket match or any other match.

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2. Sony LIV Sports

 best sports streaming websites

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Sony LIV Sports comes at the second position in our list of 24 best sports streaming sites. It is being run and managed by Sony. It has live streaming options for live sports like WWE match, live cricket match streaming, live football match streaming, live tennis, hockey and live basketball matches. You can also check the match details and schedule. Nowadays it is also streaming India’s Tour of South Africa. You can watch India vs South Africa Live matches. You can also enjoy the Battle of the biggest football teams. If you are a WWE lover then Sony LIV lets you stream WWE RAW Full episodes on your computer, laptop, or android mobile phone.


3. Hotstar Sports

top 10 sports streaming sites
Top 10 Sports streaming websites

Next in our list of best sports streaming sites comes the Hotstar Sports website. This sports streaming website is run by star India. If you are a sports lover then you will get addicted to this sports website as it lets you enjoy free sports streaming and it is one of the best live sports streaming websites. You enjoy football matches, live cricket matches, live badminton and hockey matches on your mobile phone, computer or laptop. And if you are iPhone user then also you can watch your favorite live cricket match. Hotstar also shows you the short match clips, cricket match clips, sixes and fours video clips, IPL match highlights, T20 match videos etc.

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4. ESPN Player is one of the top 24 websites for live sports streaming. But there is a problem in this website. Don’t worry as it is not such a big issue. Sometimes when you open this website it may show that this website is not currently available in your region. The solution to this is that you can use the list of proxy websites to access this sports streaming website. It is also one of th best free sports streaming sites. You need not pay. This sports streaming website is run by ESPN channel which is one of the best sports channel on TV. The best thing about this website is that it is totally free of annoying popup ads that can be very irritating. You can enjoy the sports events and all the sports matches which are being aired on the ESPN Channel.


5. VIP League

VIP league is one of the best live sports streaming sites and the best part is that it is free of cost and you need not pay anything to anyone. Though there are other sports streaming websites too but most of them are spammy and asks you to pay. So, on VIP league you can enjoy Free live Sports matches and much more. You can watch live football matches, live cricket matches, badminton series, Tennis live matches, Baseball, free formula one racing live, boxing, cycling, Volleyball, matches, snooker, Dart, Rugby and Golf matches. Earlier the URL of the website was but now they have moved to extension. It also gives you the option to enjoy free top TV shows.

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6. VIP Box

VIP Box is one of the best sports streaming websites that you can access to watch your sports matches. If you missed your India Pakistan match then you need not worry as VIP Box allows you to watch all live sports matches for free. Just like VIP league it also offers you live streaming of Cricket, football, rugby,  boxing, cycling, Dart, tennis and badminton matches. The website is very much similar to the VIP league Official website. And if you wish to submit a match video you can do that too. Moto GP and Formula One shows are also available for viewers to watch. Isn’t it great? It will not be wrong if we say that it’s a complete sports package and that too free 🙂


7. LiveonSat

Live On Sat is another sports streaming website. It has a list of link for various countries via which you can enjoy sports events from various countries. All the links are available mainly on the top and the navigation system of the website is superb. You can enjoy International leagues, live soccer matches streaming, Aussies rule, Ice hockey, basketball, fighting etc.It also shows you the complete details about the teams and their matches. You can check the timings of the matches, the match starting time and when will the sports event end..So, hope you like this free sports website?


8. LiveSport24

Live Sports 24 is one of the best 25 sites to watch live cricket, football, badminton or any other sports event. The interface of the website is superb and the website’s navigation system is lovely. There is a search option too in case you can not directly find what you are looking for.. You can enjoy the live streaming of following sports events on the Livespsports24 official website:

  • Live Football Streaming
  • Live basketball Streaming
  • Live Cricket Streaming
  • Live Tennis Streaming
  • Liev Rugby Streaming
  • Live Handball Streaming
  • Live Motorsport Streaming
  • Live Volleyball Streaming
  • Live NFL Streaming and more..


9. Laola1

Laola1 is also one of the top websites to watch live sports matches on mobile phone (android/iPhone), laptop, tablet or your computer. You can watch your favourite sports matches just with a click of a mouse. Enjoy your live sports matches of cricket, live football match, tennis etc even when you are travelling in a metro or going on a business tour. You can stream a lot of channels live. You can watch Live tennis match live football match, live cricket match etc. You can watch match highlights and videos. In total it is one of the best sports sites and you must give it a visit if you are sports lover. So, this was one of the best sports streaming sites.


“We Hope you are enjoying It??  🙂 🙂 

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10. BossCast

Bosscast is a sports hub website which has a list of top sports channels on the left corner and it shows you the olympic events schedule of Hockey, Curling, Live WWE Streaming. You can enjoy free streaming of live sports channel and live match streaming. You can also watch sports videos and match highlights if you missed a particular match or a sports event series. So, this was one of the best sports streaming sites. Hope you like it.



Sportslemons is another website which lets you watch free sports live streaming. You can watch live streaming of various sports like Volleyball, live Cricket match, live soccer matches, badminton series etc. If you have missed a football or favourite cricket match then you can watch it on this site. You can also watch top match highlights. It shows the match schedules and venue of the sports events.


12. Batman Stream

Batman Stream is also one of the best sports stream site which offers you free live sports streaming of various sports. You can watch the match schedule, the start and end timings of match, the team details, venue. It lets you watch your favourite sports like Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Handball, Rugby, Badminton etc This is one of the top sites for online match streaming. Even the name of the website is pretty cool. Isn’t it??


13. Stream2U

Next in our list of top sports streaming sites is Stream2U. Stream2U similar to other websites offers free live streaming of your favourite sports matches. You can enjoy watching live cricket, India Pak T20, India vs South Africa match series, handball, rugby, golf, badminton, tennis and other sports events happening all around the world. It shows you National and International sports events and free match streaming. You can watch match highlights, T20 highlights, check scores and schedule of matches. You just need to have a good internet connection and a PC or laptop or a tablet. And you can also enjoy the same match on your mobile phone.

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14. StreamWoop

StreamWoop is one of the 10 best sports streaming sites which has a lot of features and functionalities. It offers free live streaming of cricket matches football matches, live volleyball matches, tennis tournaments, rugby matches, handball and various other sports events. You can also enjoy the Golf matches if you are a Golf lover. You don’t need to stick to your Tv set, you just need to have a good internet connection and there you go. You can check the live match scores, old match highlights, match winners name, and can also check the match schedules for free. This sports streaming website offers you a good interface and a search box on the top to make your work easy.



Cricfree is another website which falls under the top 10 sports streaming sites and it has a lot of functionalities and a good interface which makes the site’s navigation simple. On the homepage itself you can notice the ongoing live matches schedule and also the upcoming matches of various sports. You can stream your favourite sports match like football match, cricket live match, Rugby, basketball, volleyball, badminton and that too for free. This website has also been voted as the best sports streaming website by various bloggers and publishers. The best thing about this sports streaming platform is that you can watch your favourite sports match without the irritating ads. You can enjoy free sports streaming live. 



MamaHd also offers free live streaming of matches of various sports like Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Rugby, handball, badminton, tennis and various other sports. It is one of the best sports streaming sites and allows you to watch free sports events like live cricket and football matches, You can also enjoy rugby, handball, tennis and badminton matches. If you are a business professional and don’t get time to watch your favourite matches on TV then you can check the match highlights and scores on Mamahd website. you can also check the match schedule and live match scores of Cricket and various other sports events


17. is another amazing free sports website which falls under our list of top 10 sports streaming websites. It allows you to watch free live matches of various sports like football, Volleyball, Cricket, tennis etc. There are many other features which make this sports website one of the best sports streaming sites on the internet.


Other Free Sports Streaming Websites

18. FootyWire

19. Yahoo sports

20. CBS Sports


22. 123Sport





So, these were the 25 best sports streaming sites. Hope you like the list. Don’t forget to tell us which one is your favourite and why?? Stay tuned with Techadvises.





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