Top 3 tools for Blogging that every blogger should buy

The Top 3 tools for Blogging  That You Must Have

Top 3 tools for Blogging:   Blogging is now a multi-billion dollar industry. With everything going online and more and more people being dependent on the internet, there exists a huge opportunity for a talented blogger. When I say “Blogger” here, I am referring to anyone working in the Search engine optimization industry. Bloggers get paid handsomely, but it is a difficult job and requires investments. In today’s articles, we are going to talk about three such investments. We will discuss in-depth about three paid tools that are the lifesavers of a common blogger. These are the Top 3 tools for Blogging that you must buy if you want to excel in Blogging. You can also call them the blogging tools for beginners and experienced both.


Best and Top 3 tools for Blogging

Here we present the list of Top 3 tools for Blogging that a Blogger Must buy for better earnings from Blogging. We have discussed all the features and working methodology of these best 3 blogging tools. Have a look at these Top 3 tools for Blogging one by one.



Top 3 tools for Blogging
Top 3 tools for Blogging for better earning from Blogging

First, in our list of Top 3 tools for Blogging comes the Ahrefs. It is a very nice blog writing tool. If you can call yourself a blogger, then I am sure you would understand the importance of backlinks in the blogging industry. Quality backlinks mean a better image in front of Google, which means better rankings in the search results which ultimately means better earnings. Ahrefs is the best backlink analysis tool out there to find out the backlinks used by your competitor. Once you extract your competitor’s backlinks, you can replicate those and make better backlinks to outrank them. People also use Ahrefs to estimate the link authority of a domain before deciding whether to buy it or not. We have given Ahrefs the first position in our list because it is a must have a tool to own.

Ahrefs also helps you track your keywords, know which keywords your competitors are targeting and also has a keyword research tool. They have a SERP checker, Rank Tracker, Domain comparison tool and even an alert tool that will notify you if your keyword pops in another place on the internet.

There is a trial version of this tool that lets you use all the features for 14 days. After that, it will cost about $149 for a year including a two-month free access. All these amazing features made it to the Top 3 tools for Blogging list.

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Top 3 tools for Blogging
Top 3 tools for Blogging every Blogger must Buy


Second, in our list of Top 3 tools for Blogging comes the Kwfinder. You can call it the best keyword research tool. Keyword research has equal importance as link building in the blogging industry. Finding a perfect high volume low competition keyword has the potential to make you a millionaire in a very short period. But finding a keyword is not that easy either. It takes years of experience and a lot of skill to find profitable keywords in any niche.

But today, the task has become a lot easier since the arrival of keyword analysis tools such as Kwfinder. Kwfinder can give you the exact search volume, CPC, trend, and competition of any given keyword. It analyses the Google search data and feeds on data from the Google keyword planner.

For each keyword that you search it allocates a difficulty value in 100. On the right tab of Kwfinder, they will show you the trend of search volume over the year in the form of a bar graph. Below that the first ten results will be shown, each having their own Domain Authority metric out of 100. Kwfinder even tells you how many visits each of the websites could be receiving from that particular keyword.

Using Kwfinder one can get a clear picture of how profitable a keyword will be and also how much effort it will take to rank for that. The basic plan of Kkwfinder will cost you $12.42 per month. The features are awesome and that’s why it is in the Top 3 tools for Blogging.

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Top 3 tools for Blogging
Top 3 tools for Blogging, all smart bloggers buy

Last but not the least, is Grammarly in the Top 3 tools for Blogging That Bloggers must buy.  Grammarly is the ultimate grammar-checking tool. This tool is like a dream come true for most bloggers. Grammarly is an example of what brilliant programming can achieve. It uses Artificial Intelligence to find grammatical as well as spelling errors in a text. The tool then suggests the correct words and the user can replace the words with a single click.

Grammarly boasts of being able to identify 150 critical grammar mistakes and having all of the English words in their database. They have their own browser extension that supports the most common browsers such as the Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. The plugin is capable of analyzing any text you type into a text editor in any browser window. This means that you can write an article in the native WordPress editor and still get your English corrected.

There is a free version as well as a premium one. The free version of Grammarly, unlike conventional free versions, is capable of solving the uses of basic users. The premium users get to enjoy extra perks such as more advanced error detection, plagiarism checker, vocabulary enhancement tool to help improve your overall vocabulary. The monthly subscription costs $29.95 per month and choosing for the annual subscription would cost you about $11.66 per month. All these features put it into the Top 3 tools for Blogging list.

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We just saw three of the must have tools for a blogger. We told you the features of Top 3 tools for Blogging. The tools are a bit costly and may not be affordable to a newcomer to the industry. One can also try out the group buys if one cannot afford to pay in full. Several good SEO groups buy websites which are available which gives access to premium tools at a fraction of the price. But since the account is shared there is a high chance of other users stealing your niche or keyword ideas. Do comment below your queries and suggestions related to this article.

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